Monday, March 1, 2010

And February is finally over

My sister posed the question on Friday “what have you learned from not drinking.”

I responded something like “people are ridiculous when they are dunk”

And then she asked “no, what have you learned about yourself”

I thought that this was a crazy question to pose to a 20 something year old who just graduated from college and is in the transition stage from college to the “real world” (I mean seriously… I still put “real world” in quotes)

Since the only philosophical questions I like to think about revolve around fictional things such as; how do you really kill a zombie since they’re dead to begin with, shooting them with a gun just seems like a solution that wouldn’t have results.  
the more important debate that I bring up to everyone that involves around how different generations of Transformers are formed/made.   (I may just need to write a blog about Transformers to try to get some solid answers)


I refuse to answer in-depth questions that make me look at myself through the eyes of other… so instead here are 5 things I learned about other people when being the sober one.

1.  It is okay to dance.  But you should be aware that there may be sober people there who will remember that you used your boyfriend as a stripper pole or that you do the “poker face” hand thing to every Lady GaGa song.  And these sober people will remember and probably make fun of you.  (but if you don’t care that you suck at dancing then who really cares)

2.  Surprisingly guys are the ones who will sing aloud to the typical “Journey” songs that they play every night… but the girls will be the ones that freak out and scream “OMG, I love this song”

3.  Generally people go from; bored, to peer pressuring, talkative, wanting to take shots, talkative to strangers, willing to dance, to annoyed, to peer pressure again, and then finally bored.  I generally love people when they are talkative and when they want to dance… I love dancing (especially when you are okay with people thinking you are intoxicated)

4.  I have a really bad memory… regardless if I’m sober or not.  (I guess this is a look at myself.. blah) but I should probably work on my memory skills… Kinsey likes reminding me when I have told her stories before, and it is bad when a drunk person has to remind a sober person that they have already heard a story once/twice/three times before.

5.  People love shots. I have no idea why, especially if you are the one buying them.  I mean they cost more than a real drink, you have to buy more than one, and the joy of a shot is over in 5 seconds.  The only good things about shots is if it isn’t your idea you can get them for free… and trust me, my sober month of “fun” has taught me which one of my friends are willing to buy shots. 

*6* there is no reason anyone should ever pay cover to get into a bar (especially if there is no drink specials), soda and water should be free everywhere and it should never cost the same as a rum and coke (stupid bojames wanted to charge me a dollar for a water), and the kitchen at the bar should stay open longer.

So there you have it… I have officially gave up alcohol for 28 days (going on 29 now, stupid “real world” making me work at 8)  but I do plan on getting some form of liquor on Wednesday which will most likely result in me making a PLD and sleeping in until 3 on Thursday… I can’t wait!


  1. 2 - that's because they don't actually know the words, they just want to fit in. Most of the guys don't know the words, either, but the great thing about Journey is that you only need to know the first 10 or so words and the chorus, and everyone will think you're a rock star.

  2. I want to know what you learned about yourself though....

  3. I'm with you on number 5 - it's great to know which of your friends like to buy shots and then treat them like a hero after round 1 so they buy a second round. Also, don't you have to cut off a zombie's head to kill it?

  4. idk about the zombie thing.. i just watched zombieland and you only had to shoot them a couple of times to kill them. But cutting off their heads make more sense, i guess i'll just have to wait until zombies take over the world to find out.