Thursday, March 4, 2010

25 dollars later…

An over view of yesterday:

Went to work (8-4…blah)
Worked out
Watched a couple of episodes of It’s always Sunny on hulu
Got ready
Meet up with Kinsey and her roommates
Spent way too much on a Beer
Played a little Pool.
Had a guy ask Kinsey and I if he could join in our conversation
We said we were talking about the stages of grief
Things got slightly awkward
He said “let’s talk about something happier” 
and then everything was good
Spent a little more on a beer
Played some more Pool
Ate some Pancheros
Bonded with Kinsey
Meet up with TJ at Brothers
Spent a dollar on a screwdriver
Spilt half the drink on the floor
Got another drink
Watched TJ and his cousin eat wings
Went back to TCB and played more pool.
Spent a little more on an overpriced beer.
Got slightly intoxicated.
Annoyed TJ a little with my “life” problems
Went home and passed out. 

oh, and I took a twitpic. (as proof)


  1. great post. glad to have ya back on 'this' side of drinking. wanna be a part of a post like this. ur blog reminds me of carles more and more each time i read it.

  2. See, why can't I have nights like that? Friends, beer, pool. Sounds great. Noooo, I go out, and God says "What weird shit is going on in DC tonight, and how can I get David involved?" Then I wind up in a dance-off.