Monday, March 29, 2010

Grocery Store and Peanut Butter

Kinsey and I went grocery shopping yesterday and we all know my feelings on grocery shopping. 
But it was okay b/c Kinsey

1) Let me push the cart (obviously, she didn’t even try)
2) and she was actually quick and knew what she wanted.

She called me today and was like “ isn't it great that we have food
And I was like “yeah, I wish I would have bought more
And she was like “you ate peanut butter today didn't you
…. She knows me so, well.  (for those of you who don’t know I LOVE peanut butter and probably have a PB sandwich everyday, normally for lunch at work… it is delicious)

Today I also worked out and realized that if you work out during the day the gym is taken over by guys with beards…. It was weird.
Normally, I like beards but it just wasn’t what I was expecting when going to the gym.
....and there is nothing funnier than seeing a tan buff gym working out right next to at skinny guy with a beard.  It was slightly amazing.  

Side note: Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends (this applies mostly to Allison)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Curly Hair and Old Folks

At work yesterday I checked in what I would like to call a “young recently retired” individual. You know people who are still “old” but still young enough to walk at a normal speed and stay up for the majority of the day.

We had a little line and I told her that I was sorry for making her wait.

Her response was “it’s okay, us curly hair folks need to stick together

Up to this point I had no idea she had curly hair, it generally isn’t a thing I look at.
She continued to say how “curly hair is amazing b/c it never goes away and that your hair will be curly forever.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I was banking on getting old and my hair magically becoming straight, but I didn’t want to ruin her mode.

We then bonded over how we are both the only individuals in our family that have curly hair

I added something like “if I didn’t look so much like my sisters, I would have thought I was adopted
And she added “my sibling use to tease me how I’m the milk mans daughter” (the milk man comment should age her… I was always told I was the mail mans daughter)

Yep, it was fun.
I’m beginning to like the “old people” the “young people” still kind of freak me out….

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

b/c we all know I love It's a Wonderful Life

some one sent me this video and since I loved it I figure I would share it will you all.

I love jimmy stewart

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love CNN

I love CNN.
I mean I love everything about CNN. 
I love their big maps
I love their interactive maps.
I love their countdowns
I love that everybody has a laptop in front of them
I love that they are probably doing unproductive things on these computers
I love Anderson Cooper  
I love Wolf Blitzer
I love that they can talk about the same thing for 3 hours.
I love that they over analyze everything
I love that on days like today I don’t look like a fool watching CNN all day
I love having that feeling that you get when you realize that a group of overly conservative individuals are going to be super pissed off.

Today, I love CNN almost as much as I love being a democrat. 

(yep, that was my Health Care Reform blog post... deal with it) 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zombies, Transformers, Work

Today at work I spent part of the day admitting to my co-workers that I’m crazy/weird/odd, you know “different” (you can use whatever word you would like). 

I was attempting to have an intense conversation with 2 of them (Allison and Mike) about zombies and transformers.  (Seriously, they’re like my go to topics)

You know obvious questions…

Such as “how are there other generation of transformers when there only appear to be one ‘sex’?”  
And “if they don’t form babies in the normal mammal way, are they just made and created in some kind of transformer baby making manufacturing plant?” 
or maybe just the simple question of “can Optimus Prime transformer into something small… like my cell phone?”

And then my new fascination about zombies (I blame TJ for introducing me to zombieland… and hence leaving me with a million questions)

You know the questions that mostly revolve around how you exactly kill a zombie and how they can do stuff (like bit, run, and grip things) when their brain is technically dead.   

Mike clarified that all you need to do is cut off the connection the brain has to rest of the body and then the zombie is “dead” (Well, technically they’re already dead but I guess more dead)

Anyway.  I get home. Turn on the TV. And guess what is on…. Dawn of the Dead.   I mean it isn’t the original it’s the new crappy updated version.

And they totally just clarified the whole “you just need to cut off their head thing

Now… zombies don’t really confuse me, but Transformers is still confusing as hell.  (But I was also informed that my transformer problem may be b/c I’m only basing my knowledge off of the movies)

On a completely different Side Note: My co-workers, well Allison and Mike, are a little upset that I didn’t write a first impression blog post about everybody when I first started.  Needless to say they think I should come up with nicknames for everyone and mention them later….  (But considering it’s late and I’m tired.. you will have to wait until another time) 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In honor of St. Patrick's Day

Today I ran into this amazing new website and I thought "hey, considering it's like a national drinking holiday" I might as well share it with my awesome blog followers. 

The site is called MappyHour and shows you all the areas in your community that have Happy Hour specials. 
I mean I realize that Iowa City's happy hour specials haven't changed in the 4-5 years I have lived here, but it is still fun to look at.  (and plus I imagine it would come in really helpful if you just move into a new neighborhood) 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Math is cool

Thursday night I convinced my friends (aka Kinsey, steph, and tj… yeah I need to expand “my friends”) to go to Joe’s Place.  and trust me they didn’t want to go, but that is what happens when I’m the only person who can make a decision. 

Anyway.  There was this guy there who offered to buy us all shots.  And what I learned in my 4 years of college is that you never say no when someone offers to buy you a shot.  (this also goes with my dad’s theory that when someone offers you money, you always take it).

Side note:  this guy might have been a little drunk and unaware that shots were full price.

I was okay with him wasting his money because 
1) he looked like a bigger taller version of Mclovin and 
2) he was on a bar crawl and just decided to leave his bar crawl to go to Joe’s Place (by himself)

he buys us 5 whiskey shots (super yuck)

and then he tells us he is an engineer major and then goes on this rampage about how he hates math majors.  It was hilarious.

He was all like “they think they are so awesome and that math is so cool”
This was made more amazing when Kinsey was like “WTF.” 

Side note: Kinsey is a math major.  (and she does think math is pretty cool)

Then he says something about how the math department is run by a bunch of Asians who don’t know what they are talking about.

Then we convince him that TJ is a math grad student who TA’s calc 2.

Side note: TJ is Asian, but is definitely not into math at all.

Yep, it was awesome. 

sorry for being unmotivated...

I’m slightly in an unmotivated mode right now.

I have yet to figure out why this is…. And as a result this will probably turn out to be a “sorry that I haven’t been updating my blog with exciting post lately” post.

Here are some theories I have come up with to why I “suck at life” right now.
- I’m no longer a college student which means I can no longer write about my exciting non-existent spring break plans.
- And this no school thing also means no blog post about midterms, class, that cute boy that use to sit in front of me in my Germany class, or the “joys” of the library
- Literally no new interesting guest at work.
- I watched the Bridge over the River Kwai yesterday, but I feel like I need to wait to write a post about that until I cross a couple of other movies off my list.
- The only TV show I watch regularly is Lost and blogs about Lost are slightly overrated. (I have realized I don't ever write post about Lost... but here is one I found about oranges)
- I haven't meet any new interesting characters out, but this could be the result of me drinking again. (i have a horrible memory)
- My biggest problem is that my life has just become to routine; i get up, read my daily dose of blogs, shower (yep, this is important enough to include), go to work, leave work, work out, sleep, and then repeat.

oh, the Family Guy episode where they go to Disney World is on... i love when mainstream tv makes fun of Disney.... this may change my whole blogging attitude.

side note: I really hate when people write post like this... but I figured everyone does it, so it's okay.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

When I was wasting my typical 2 hours on the internet before doing anything productive this morning afternoon, I found this youtube video poking fun of idea of the best picture nominations for the Academy Awards.

And the sad thing is…. I would totally watch this movie. blah

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the simple joys of life...

Mmm Arby’s
As promised, Kinsey bought me Arby’s today.
It was amazing.
And free.
The only downfall was that they didn’t have Wild Cherry Pepsi.

 Worth giving up alcohol for a month?  I think so. 

I love the Academy Awards.
They do an amazing job at convincing you to watch every movie they talk about.
They could probably convince me that “Confession of a Shopaholic” was a good movie and not a waste of 2 hours of my life.
but, the only down fall is that I'm going to have to wait another 6  months for half these movies to be released to DVD
As a side note: I wonder how much it has to suck to know that your animated film is never going to win if there is a pixar film also nominated.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wal-Mart and Skinny Jeans

I went on a slight shopping spree at Wal-Mart yesterday. 

Yeah I know what you are thinking; I don’t have any money, Wal-Mart is a horrible company, and who actually goes on a shopping spree at Wal-Mart.

But then again I only spent like 40 dollars (give or take about 10 dollars) and bought a ton of stuff. 

It began by me wanting to buy a new pair of black work shoes and ended with me buying pink flower shoes (they were on sale for 5 dollars… I had to buy them)

Then I noticed they had a bunch of workout clothes and decided to buy a pair of Capri workout pants (I mean they were only 11 and I really needed new pants)

Okay. And then I got a little crazy.

I bought a dress, a cute dress, and it was super cheap.  I wore it last night and a stranger totally complimented it.   Of course it was late, the bar was dark, and the girl was slightly intoxicated. 
But a compliment always justifies buying anything.

But then something happen in my intense process of looking at the Miley clothing line, I tried on a pair of skinny jeans.

Yep, me… the girl who has a strong “if you are not a size 2 you shouldn't wear skinny jeans” policy. 

And then something even crazier happen I actually bought the skinny jeans.  (This should be example number one to why I should never go shopping by myself.)

But I figured I could just return them if I got home and realized that I’m crazy and that obviously I’m not a size 2 and could never pull them off.

I asked Steph for her opinion and she was all like “well you’re the one with your stupid size 2 theory and if you ever wear them you can never make fun of any of my outfits ever again”
My response was “do they look okay, do I look like one of those girls who can’t pull them off”
Her response “it is your theory…  I always thought your theory was crazy”
Meso, do they look okay”
Her “you can wear them if you want”

She was not giving me definite answers at all… I really just wanted a “Kelsey, you look ridiculous and just return them” response. 

Right now my thought process is going something like this:
I don’t even know if I’m “cool” enough to pull off skinny jeans and if I did wear them I would want to pull off the “it takes a lot of work to look like I don’t care what I look like” look.  But I fell like the whole idea of skinny jeans is to try to look like you are trying.

But then again, maybe if I wear it with one of my 10 Disney shirts and a cardigan… I’ll be able to pull off the “I don’t care what I look like” look.

(here is where I would normally post a picture of me in the skinny jeans, but I really don’t want a picture of me trying to be cool floating around the internet.)

And… in case any of you care, I totally forgot about buying black work shoes while I was at Wal-Mart. (a complete fail

Thursday, March 4, 2010

25 dollars later…

An over view of yesterday:

Went to work (8-4…blah)
Worked out
Watched a couple of episodes of It’s always Sunny on hulu
Got ready
Meet up with Kinsey and her roommates
Spent way too much on a Beer
Played a little Pool.
Had a guy ask Kinsey and I if he could join in our conversation
We said we were talking about the stages of grief
Things got slightly awkward
He said “let’s talk about something happier” 
and then everything was good
Spent a little more on a beer
Played some more Pool
Ate some Pancheros
Bonded with Kinsey
Meet up with TJ at Brothers
Spent a dollar on a screwdriver
Spilt half the drink on the floor
Got another drink
Watched TJ and his cousin eat wings
Went back to TCB and played more pool.
Spent a little more on an overpriced beer.
Got slightly intoxicated.
Annoyed TJ a little with my “life” problems
Went home and passed out. 

oh, and I took a twitpic. (as proof)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I have been hesitant to write a post about my new job, but decided today that my life is kindof lame and if I don’t write about my job I literally have nothing to write. 

So here it is…
4 sisters checked into the hotel for a night.  The youngest was 82 and the oldest was 87 and they informed me the next morning at check out that they stayed up until 2am gambling and that they were already planning on coming back next month.
I decided right at that moment that my sisters and I would be these old ladies.

Yesterday I checked in someone with a trach.  At first I felt over whelmed with all this emotion and wanted to tell them all the useless information I know about trach and I secretly just wanted to become his BFF.  But then he checked into a smoking room and all of a sudden I went from sympathetic to angry, I wanted to lecture him (but of course I didn’t) hopefully he had some super good reason for being in a smoking room (like maybe he has some kind of phobia where he only can stay on the second floor).

I love people who get dressed up to go to the casino…. Old people are my favorite. 

On my break today the table next to me had 5 maintenance men sitting at it, all the men had mustaches.  I had no idea that having a mustache was a requirement for being a maintenance employee, but I guess I was wrong.

Conclusion: My job is boring and the only enjoyment I have is to have a healthy obsession with old people… I like to think everyone I interact with is a replica grandparent. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

And February is finally over

My sister posed the question on Friday “what have you learned from not drinking.”

I responded something like “people are ridiculous when they are dunk”

And then she asked “no, what have you learned about yourself”

I thought that this was a crazy question to pose to a 20 something year old who just graduated from college and is in the transition stage from college to the “real world” (I mean seriously… I still put “real world” in quotes)

Since the only philosophical questions I like to think about revolve around fictional things such as; how do you really kill a zombie since they’re dead to begin with, shooting them with a gun just seems like a solution that wouldn’t have results.  
the more important debate that I bring up to everyone that involves around how different generations of Transformers are formed/made.   (I may just need to write a blog about Transformers to try to get some solid answers)


I refuse to answer in-depth questions that make me look at myself through the eyes of other… so instead here are 5 things I learned about other people when being the sober one.

1.  It is okay to dance.  But you should be aware that there may be sober people there who will remember that you used your boyfriend as a stripper pole or that you do the “poker face” hand thing to every Lady GaGa song.  And these sober people will remember and probably make fun of you.  (but if you don’t care that you suck at dancing then who really cares)

2.  Surprisingly guys are the ones who will sing aloud to the typical “Journey” songs that they play every night… but the girls will be the ones that freak out and scream “OMG, I love this song”

3.  Generally people go from; bored, to peer pressuring, talkative, wanting to take shots, talkative to strangers, willing to dance, to annoyed, to peer pressure again, and then finally bored.  I generally love people when they are talkative and when they want to dance… I love dancing (especially when you are okay with people thinking you are intoxicated)

4.  I have a really bad memory… regardless if I’m sober or not.  (I guess this is a look at myself.. blah) but I should probably work on my memory skills… Kinsey likes reminding me when I have told her stories before, and it is bad when a drunk person has to remind a sober person that they have already heard a story once/twice/three times before.

5.  People love shots. I have no idea why, especially if you are the one buying them.  I mean they cost more than a real drink, you have to buy more than one, and the joy of a shot is over in 5 seconds.  The only good things about shots is if it isn’t your idea you can get them for free… and trust me, my sober month of “fun” has taught me which one of my friends are willing to buy shots. 

*6* there is no reason anyone should ever pay cover to get into a bar (especially if there is no drink specials), soda and water should be free everywhere and it should never cost the same as a rum and coke (stupid bojames wanted to charge me a dollar for a water), and the kitchen at the bar should stay open longer.

So there you have it… I have officially gave up alcohol for 28 days (going on 29 now, stupid “real world” making me work at 8)  but I do plan on getting some form of liquor on Wednesday which will most likely result in me making a PLD and sleeping in until 3 on Thursday… I can’t wait!