Monday, February 15, 2010


Another weekend has passed and another weekend I spent sipping on my cherry coke and watching other people get “wasted”

Thursday night: 
I realized that people look ridiculous when they hook-up at the bar. 
- You don’t look sexy with your leg wrapped around a guy
- you definitely don’t look sexy when you are drunkenly making out with a stranger
- and the person you are making out with isn’t all that cute. (and he probably has an STD.. but they were handing out free condoms, so maybe you'll be safe)


Young people (aka those under the age of 21) are hilarious
- They travel in packs, they obviously don’t realize it is harder to convince someone to buy 3 drinks then just one.
- they are paranoid of the idea of cops.
- they haven’t figured out that they live in Iowa and it’s the winter and coats/pants/shoes/long sleeve shirts are essential to survival when it’s 5 degrees out (this point kindof applies to the majority of people, regardless of age)

Friday Night: I realized mardi Gras is coming up, (when the bar I was at started handing out free beads.)
Wearing beads is only fun when you;re drunk
And (once again) turning down free alcohol is super hard.

Side note: A drunk girl also told me “it’s okay that you graduated, because you still know how to party" as I was sipping on a coke. 

Saturday Night: I decorated V-Day cookies and played electronic life and I totally won (oh, they joys of being young)


  1. vday cookies sound good.

    ...and you do know how to party!

  2. we need a post on your first day at work!

  3. hmmm... i'll have to wait until something utterly exciting happens before i blog about my job.