Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New job and still no drinking

This week I felt like I had a lot going on without really do anything. 

The first being that I started my job.  I thought about doing a blog post about the crazy people I work with but quickly decided against it once I realized that I could potentially become friends with these people. And once this happens I'll tell them something along the lines "oh, you should read my blog" and then they would quickly realize that my first impression of them involved a combination of stereotypes and negative qualities that  I would hate for them to read. 

I also had an realization that I would be the “bitch” on a reality show because I would be that person who goes to the confession room on the first night and talk shit I mean judge everyone and then later when I'm one of the last two remaining individuals (bc obviously I would win) I would have to apologize to my new friends that I didn’t mean what I said.

Anyway, the update on my No Alcohol February thing.

Tuesday Night:  this night could be described as one word: interesting.  I got my cherry coke, played some shuffleboard, and then awkwardly avoided eye contact with someone (really this was the only interesting part).  But all in all I didn’t mind the whole not drinking aspect…. It was definitely one of those weird casual college drinking experiences, that doesn't involve binge drinking or shots. 

Friday Night: We (Kinsey and her roommates) started out the night at Fieldhouse and they all got drunk after one mini picture (I swear they are the biggest light weights ever) and then I convinced them to go to Bojames, I was craving cheesy fries and I figured if I wasn’t drinking I should be a little happy.   The night continued and Kinsey and the roommates got a little drunk (she told me not to write about it so I won’t mention the very entertaining things she did) 

Anyway we were highly entertained by Phil, who can only be described as a major flirt who is super smooth and very hilarious. We had a night full of interesting conversation (that I don't think would be blog  appropriate).  
Once Phil left Kinsey got on her whole "lets take shots" kick and I spent the rest of the night listening to her drunk philosophy.  
and then the night ended we went home and I was content with paying 10 dollars on my coke and cheesy fries.

Saturday Night:  Went out with Steph, TJ, Kinsey, Ben,etc. and this night kindof sucked-ish. Mostly b/c I hate saying no to free shots and there were lots and lots of shots going around and everyone got pretty drunk pretty quickly.  My friends quickly became those people who drunkly fall in  “love” and get into fights with complete strangers. 
but then again, maybe this night was a little entertaining.   

less then a week left!
and trust me, work kindof i mean really  makes you want to drink 


  1. i love your recap of the week without alcohol! i've been inspired to go drink-free for the month of march. i'm lucky that my birthday is the last day in february, or else we'd have some seriously problems :)

    thanks for the inspiration, and keep it up!

  2. I think it would be intersting to see one of your friends recaps of one of these nights in comparison to yours. Why were you avoiding eye contact?

  3. I'll work on the trying to get a friend to write a guest blog post.
    and lets just say i was avoiding eye contact with a guy who may or may not have been on a date with another girl

  4. i feel like even if you become friends with the coworkers you didn't talk about you still called them crazy lol so if they read your blog they will still be a little offended