Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Days and Sister bonding

My No Alcohol February month is slowly coming to an end and I’m slowly getting excited to drink again.

On Thursday I went out with Steph to get some cheesy fries (I know I realize I have a problem, maybe in March I’ll give up cheesy fries… but probably not).
We went to Bojames and Glenn Live was there, it was awesome! He is this random guy who use to play cover songs on his guitar every Thursday night and then he graduated and I guess got a “real job” and stopped playing regularly.

I literally couldn’t tell you the last time I saw him play. It was a nice sober surprise. I like to think it was a little reward for me being sober all month!
Then we left to go to TCB and I stayed for literally 10 minutes before I realized it was 11:30 and I had to wake up to go to work the next day (stupid “real world”)

Then on Friday I headed to Des Moines to meet up with my sisters (Kassie, Kaci, and Kinsey) we went to a dueling piano bar, Blue Moon, in West Des Moines. It was a blast. And my sisters got one of the fish bowl drinks… and I spent the next hour thinking that if this was March I could enjoy the fun blue blinky drink.

Even though I was alcohol free it was still amazing. Mostly b/c we got the piano singer guys to sing Miley in the first 5 minutes and my sisters tricked me to go on stage with a bunch of other girls and inappropriately dance… but of course that would have been more fun if I was intoxicated, but every once and a while it is fun to act stupid when sober.

Tomorrow my sisters and I are going to climb up 41 flights of stairs in honor of my mother. Even though I can’t recall the last time I walked up more the 5 flight of stairs, it should still be fun (but mostly b/c my sisters are awesome!)


  1. Dueling piano bar?? WHAT?!

    And congrats on completing your no-alcohol February!