Thursday, February 11, 2010

I suppose you could call this an update

I have been at home for the past 4 days to go to my Gpa’s funeral and needless to say I was not tempted to drink at all… (but of course I’m never tempted to drink when I’m around my aunts and uncles.) 

During this time I tried to convince them all to read my blog and the only response I would get was “I don’t even know what that is”

my reaction:  yeah you do.  You are in your 40 and 50’s, you watch fox news, have blackberries, and you know your children have facebook… you obviously have to know what a blog is and if you don’t you  live in a world where you never access the internet. 

Anyway: they all also thought I was crazy for doing this no alcohol February thing.
And I got a couple “well, what do you normally drink?”
My response was normally a blank stare… um; I’m 23 what do you think I drink.

Conclusion: this post is kindof pointless but I really thought I needed to update my blog.   

oh and here is a photo of me and my sisters with my grandpa... 
It would be better if he was looking, but we still look awesome!


  1. I don't like this picture of me. Everyone else looks good though.

  2. i think we all just look young (especially Kinsey)