Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 6

Last night I went out with Kinsey and a bunch of her “work” friends. And considering that her friends live in a place where it's against the rules to drink aka the dorms they decided it would be a good idea to partake in this weird college tradition known as “pre-gamming” (I had no idea people did this after the age of 21… but I guess I was wrong).

Trust me peer pressure was in full force and I was having complete strangers trying to convince me to drink… and as you know it is hard to turn down free liquor (especially grey goose… seriously, who buys grey goose to pregame with?)

Thought to ponder: Is it okay to drink free liquor? I mean I’m not paying for it and that is my number one reason why I gave up alcohol.

When we finally decided to leave for the bars (aka around 11:30… I had no idea people did this after the age of 21… but I guess I was wrong).
We realized our first 3 bars of choice had either A) no place to sit or B) had an insanely long line.

We decided to go with Joe’s Place.
Which is not a bar a typical group of very drunk individuals would normally want to go, but I guess the winning factors were that
A) it wasn’t busy and B) there was a place to sit.

We went in, sat down, got drinks, they made me pay 2 dollars for my coke, and I had an intense thought process that involved “if I was drinking it would be cheaper”

But then all was good. I realized I like to people watch

Why, you may ask. Because I’m a sucker for guys with beards and flannel… you know the individuals you would never talk to if you weren’t on a liberal college campus. And this bar has plenty of guys who fall into my cardigan/snappyshirt/sweater vest/flannel/facial hair wearing type of guy.

So I was happy to be a sober person.

Oh, and then I met (and when I say met I mean I just went up and confronted this individual) who looks exactly like Jemaine off of the Flight of the Conchords. Well minus the glasses, sideburns, and clothing choice.
I’m fairly certain he thought I was drunk and I’m almost positive he didn’t judge me until he found out I was doing this “no alcohol February” thing.

Here is an updated picture comparison... (but no need to worry, the guy totally gave me permission... which means I'm only a little bit of a creep.)
Yep, we will probably become BFFs

and now that I put his picture on my blog... everyone will probably think that I have no idea what I'm talking about
....but whatev


  1. They look a bit alike I guess... Are you sure you were sober! ;-)

    Kate x

  2. grey goose still tastes like vodka.

  3. that's a really good picture you took.

  4. Allison I’m not that big of a creep… I did not take the photo. (I stole both from online)
    Kate it was a little dark, but I can promise that I was sober. (if I wasn’t I would have spent my time dancing and taking shots like my friends)