Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2

So. I might have had a quarter life crisis last night.
I’m annoyed with this whole job searching thing and having to make the harsh realization that the majority of the jobs I’m applying for don’t even require a GED. Yeah. Go me!

Anyway. Last night when I was laying in bed, trying to come up with a life plan that would eventually put my BA in political Science to actual use, I realized that life is going to be temporary okay because I’m moving back to Iowa City.
Then I got annoyed because I decided to do this no alcohol February thing.
Which basically means no drinking away my sorrows, grrrr.

On a side note: Tuesdays use to be my favorite night of the week to drink. I miss the days of 2.99 margaritas and $1 u-call-it.

Then I went through this thought process about the “good old days” aka a month ago  when I was a college student and binge drinking was completely okay.
Now, I made a new realization that this no alcohol thing may be a good idea.
Who knows, it might force me to grow up.
(…well if you can “grow up” even if you don’t have a real job… or I guess any job)

I also decided to go with Kelly L excuse to why I’m not drinking. Not the “obvious” one, even though that would be pretty funny… I just think if you’re going to go with that option you should probably take the other route. You know put a pillow under your shirt and spend the rest of the night taking shots at the bar.

I’m just going to tell strangers that I’m doing it for “scientific” reasons… who knows maybe I’ll lie and say I’m getting paid to do it. (It might make me seem less lame for not having a job)


  1. LOL, oh man, someone actually taking my advice - SCARY! ;)