Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1

not that today should really count as a day conisdering that it is a monday and I plan on heading back to Perry (aka back home to my crazy parental) this afternoon. 
I mean this "task" will probably not be a real problem until this coming weekend and when I decide that I'm moving back to Iowa City (which is most likely on Thursday... but that is a whole other issue). 

but last night I was having an intense "why in the world did I decide to do this" thought process
I mean maybe I should change it to no binge drinking February or no Shots February... i feel like both of these tasks would be 10x easier. 

the list of Cons I have come up with

- my alcohol tolerance will probably go back to point 1. 
- No drunk hitting on guys at the bar. boo
- more importantly no drunk dancing.  double boo
- I just had a mental realization that the Olympics and Super Bowl are this month.  Not that I'm a "sports" fan, but I'm a fan of it being socially acceptable to drink in the middle of the day. 
- No Nachos or Cheese Fries.  (I feel like it is only okay to eat this stuff if you are drinking)
- you always look ridiculous if you drink water at the bar

um... but I suppose I could go without cheese fries for a month and maybe I'll come up with a really good lie to tell strangers to why I'm not drinking.  thoughts?


  1. i've been thinking about doing this too. good luck!
    XXX, Kim

  2. Don't forget about the Daytona 500. If you hang out with any redneck idiots that enjoy this past time, you will definitely need alchohol.

  3. I'm starting to doubt my confidence level in you.

  4. Good luck, I'll drink for both of us. Plus a few other people. My February's already going down the drain and it's only been 16 hours hahaha

    Hooray for Olympics soon!

  5. Well, there's always the OBVIOUS... but that would probably open up a bigger rumor mess that you don't want to deal with ;)

    or you could just say that you are on a new medication and you're not supposed to drink. I've used that before.

    Or, simply, tell them you're performing an experiment - what it is like to go 30 days without drinking. you know, for science.

  6. kelsey pregnant with TR's baby? I think I might have to start rumors and I'm sure this will spread more quickly than me being engaged.