Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crazy newspaper clippings

I have a collection of about 20 Time/Newsweek I need to catch up on sitting at Stephanie’s place.  
Yesterday I was reading Newsweek and saw this comic making fun of John Edwards (obviously, it was an old issue)

I saw it and immediately thought; this would be a “random” item that my mom would clip out and send me with a couple of dollars.   

My mom loved sending us articles just because she thought we would enjoy them.  I was going through one of my “college” containers (that are basically filled with useless junk) and found tons of these clippings.

And it’s weird to think that she is no longer here to send us these pointless new stories.  I have no idea where I am going to get my monthly dose of Midwestern crazy news stories now.   

Of course I thought of all of this at the gym and had one of those moments where you cry for no reason and it takes you a couple of minutes before you realize it.  But it appears that my life in the past 10 months have made it okay for me to randomly burst out in tears and not care what people think.

Yep. Today is a day I miss my mom like crazy.  

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  1. I just randomly happened upon you blog a few weeks ago. I lost my mom in November of 2006. I know exactly how you're feeling. There are still days I want to pick up the phone and call her-even gone as far as dialing the number. It sucks.