Sunday, February 28, 2010

We may be crazy...

My sisters and I before the intense 41 flight of stairs... wish us luck.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Days and Sister bonding

My No Alcohol February month is slowly coming to an end and I’m slowly getting excited to drink again.

On Thursday I went out with Steph to get some cheesy fries (I know I realize I have a problem, maybe in March I’ll give up cheesy fries… but probably not).
We went to Bojames and Glenn Live was there, it was awesome! He is this random guy who use to play cover songs on his guitar every Thursday night and then he graduated and I guess got a “real job” and stopped playing regularly.

I literally couldn’t tell you the last time I saw him play. It was a nice sober surprise. I like to think it was a little reward for me being sober all month!
Then we left to go to TCB and I stayed for literally 10 minutes before I realized it was 11:30 and I had to wake up to go to work the next day (stupid “real world”)

Then on Friday I headed to Des Moines to meet up with my sisters (Kassie, Kaci, and Kinsey) we went to a dueling piano bar, Blue Moon, in West Des Moines. It was a blast. And my sisters got one of the fish bowl drinks… and I spent the next hour thinking that if this was March I could enjoy the fun blue blinky drink.

Even though I was alcohol free it was still amazing. Mostly b/c we got the piano singer guys to sing Miley in the first 5 minutes and my sisters tricked me to go on stage with a bunch of other girls and inappropriately dance… but of course that would have been more fun if I was intoxicated, but every once and a while it is fun to act stupid when sober.

Tomorrow my sisters and I are going to climb up 41 flights of stairs in honor of my mother. Even though I can’t recall the last time I walked up more the 5 flight of stairs, it should still be fun (but mostly b/c my sisters are awesome!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New job and still no drinking

This week I felt like I had a lot going on without really do anything. 

The first being that I started my job.  I thought about doing a blog post about the crazy people I work with but quickly decided against it once I realized that I could potentially become friends with these people. And once this happens I'll tell them something along the lines "oh, you should read my blog" and then they would quickly realize that my first impression of them involved a combination of stereotypes and negative qualities that  I would hate for them to read. 

I also had an realization that I would be the “bitch” on a reality show because I would be that person who goes to the confession room on the first night and talk shit I mean judge everyone and then later when I'm one of the last two remaining individuals (bc obviously I would win) I would have to apologize to my new friends that I didn’t mean what I said.

Anyway, the update on my No Alcohol February thing.

Tuesday Night:  this night could be described as one word: interesting.  I got my cherry coke, played some shuffleboard, and then awkwardly avoided eye contact with someone (really this was the only interesting part).  But all in all I didn’t mind the whole not drinking aspect…. It was definitely one of those weird casual college drinking experiences, that doesn't involve binge drinking or shots. 

Friday Night: We (Kinsey and her roommates) started out the night at Fieldhouse and they all got drunk after one mini picture (I swear they are the biggest light weights ever) and then I convinced them to go to Bojames, I was craving cheesy fries and I figured if I wasn’t drinking I should be a little happy.   The night continued and Kinsey and the roommates got a little drunk (she told me not to write about it so I won’t mention the very entertaining things she did) 

Anyway we were highly entertained by Phil, who can only be described as a major flirt who is super smooth and very hilarious. We had a night full of interesting conversation (that I don't think would be blog  appropriate).  
Once Phil left Kinsey got on her whole "lets take shots" kick and I spent the rest of the night listening to her drunk philosophy.  
and then the night ended we went home and I was content with paying 10 dollars on my coke and cheesy fries.

Saturday Night:  Went out with Steph, TJ, Kinsey, Ben,etc. and this night kindof sucked-ish. Mostly b/c I hate saying no to free shots and there were lots and lots of shots going around and everyone got pretty drunk pretty quickly.  My friends quickly became those people who drunkly fall in  “love” and get into fights with complete strangers. 
but then again, maybe this night was a little entertaining.   

less then a week left!
and trust me, work kindof i mean really  makes you want to drink 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crazy newspaper clippings

I have a collection of about 20 Time/Newsweek I need to catch up on sitting at Stephanie’s place.  
Yesterday I was reading Newsweek and saw this comic making fun of John Edwards (obviously, it was an old issue)

I saw it and immediately thought; this would be a “random” item that my mom would clip out and send me with a couple of dollars.   

My mom loved sending us articles just because she thought we would enjoy them.  I was going through one of my “college” containers (that are basically filled with useless junk) and found tons of these clippings.

And it’s weird to think that she is no longer here to send us these pointless new stories.  I have no idea where I am going to get my monthly dose of Midwestern crazy news stories now.   

Of course I thought of all of this at the gym and had one of those moments where you cry for no reason and it takes you a couple of minutes before you realize it.  But it appears that my life in the past 10 months have made it okay for me to randomly burst out in tears and not care what people think.

Yep. Today is a day I miss my mom like crazy.  

Monday, February 15, 2010

What is happening to the Disney I love

As I was watching a horrible Disney channel original movie today this music video came on.

I would like to say that I hadn't already watched this video (ie a month ago) out of  my own free will, but that would be a lie.

I just assumed this would be a video that would never make it on "mainstream" TV but I was so so so very wrong.

it could just be because I'm 23 but I find these lyrics to be a little wrong.

Let me see that body bounce!
Cause my rhymes are so fly

And my jeans are so tight
That I make these people bounce 

Now, I'm the kind of guy that likes to bounce
I'm the kind of guy that like to scream
And all these other people wanna do it like me, yo

(but then again, maybe I just need to get my head out of the gutter)


Another weekend has passed and another weekend I spent sipping on my cherry coke and watching other people get “wasted”

Thursday night: 
I realized that people look ridiculous when they hook-up at the bar. 
- You don’t look sexy with your leg wrapped around a guy
- you definitely don’t look sexy when you are drunkenly making out with a stranger
- and the person you are making out with isn’t all that cute. (and he probably has an STD.. but they were handing out free condoms, so maybe you'll be safe)


Young people (aka those under the age of 21) are hilarious
- They travel in packs, they obviously don’t realize it is harder to convince someone to buy 3 drinks then just one.
- they are paranoid of the idea of cops.
- they haven’t figured out that they live in Iowa and it’s the winter and coats/pants/shoes/long sleeve shirts are essential to survival when it’s 5 degrees out (this point kindof applies to the majority of people, regardless of age)

Friday Night: I realized mardi Gras is coming up, (when the bar I was at started handing out free beads.)
Wearing beads is only fun when you;re drunk
And (once again) turning down free alcohol is super hard.

Side note: A drunk girl also told me “it’s okay that you graduated, because you still know how to party" as I was sipping on a coke. 

Saturday Night: I decorated V-Day cookies and played electronic life and I totally won (oh, they joys of being young)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I suppose you could call this an update

I have been at home for the past 4 days to go to my Gpa’s funeral and needless to say I was not tempted to drink at all… (but of course I’m never tempted to drink when I’m around my aunts and uncles.) 

During this time I tried to convince them all to read my blog and the only response I would get was “I don’t even know what that is”

my reaction:  yeah you do.  You are in your 40 and 50’s, you watch fox news, have blackberries, and you know your children have facebook… you obviously have to know what a blog is and if you don’t you  live in a world where you never access the internet. 

Anyway: they all also thought I was crazy for doing this no alcohol February thing.
And I got a couple “well, what do you normally drink?”
My response was normally a blank stare… um; I’m 23 what do you think I drink.

Conclusion: this post is kindof pointless but I really thought I needed to update my blog.   

oh and here is a photo of me and my sisters with my grandpa... 
It would be better if he was looking, but we still look awesome!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 6

Last night I went out with Kinsey and a bunch of her “work” friends. And considering that her friends live in a place where it's against the rules to drink aka the dorms they decided it would be a good idea to partake in this weird college tradition known as “pre-gamming” (I had no idea people did this after the age of 21… but I guess I was wrong).

Trust me peer pressure was in full force and I was having complete strangers trying to convince me to drink… and as you know it is hard to turn down free liquor (especially grey goose… seriously, who buys grey goose to pregame with?)

Thought to ponder: Is it okay to drink free liquor? I mean I’m not paying for it and that is my number one reason why I gave up alcohol.

When we finally decided to leave for the bars (aka around 11:30… I had no idea people did this after the age of 21… but I guess I was wrong).
We realized our first 3 bars of choice had either A) no place to sit or B) had an insanely long line.

We decided to go with Joe’s Place.
Which is not a bar a typical group of very drunk individuals would normally want to go, but I guess the winning factors were that
A) it wasn’t busy and B) there was a place to sit.

We went in, sat down, got drinks, they made me pay 2 dollars for my coke, and I had an intense thought process that involved “if I was drinking it would be cheaper”

But then all was good. I realized I like to people watch

Why, you may ask. Because I’m a sucker for guys with beards and flannel… you know the individuals you would never talk to if you weren’t on a liberal college campus. And this bar has plenty of guys who fall into my cardigan/snappyshirt/sweater vest/flannel/facial hair wearing type of guy.

So I was happy to be a sober person.

Oh, and then I met (and when I say met I mean I just went up and confronted this individual) who looks exactly like Jemaine off of the Flight of the Conchords. Well minus the glasses, sideburns, and clothing choice.
I’m fairly certain he thought I was drunk and I’m almost positive he didn’t judge me until he found out I was doing this “no alcohol February” thing.

Here is an updated picture comparison... (but no need to worry, the guy totally gave me permission... which means I'm only a little bit of a creep.)
Yep, we will probably become BFFs

and now that I put his picture on my blog... everyone will probably think that I have no idea what I'm talking about
....but whatev

Friday, February 5, 2010

drunk dancing....

this video makes me feel 100% better about my dancing skills.... if he can be some sort of famous musician and still dance like that, i'll be okay with life.

oh, and observations about being the "sober" person at the bar.

lots and lots of people dance like this at the bar at about 1:00 am... and they think they are "hot shit"
 it is AWESOME.

Day 4 Continued

A hopeless attempt by my friends to get me to drink...
and trust me it's super hard to turn down a free shot.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 4

I got a job today. Nothing to utterly exciting (it’s definitely one of those jobs that have nothing to do with political science and I’m sure the only education you need is a GED.)
But whatev, it is still a job.

My first reaction was “yippy! A reason to drink”

But never mind. I guess I’ll spend my first night as a “real adult” being a “responsible adult”

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2

So. I might have had a quarter life crisis last night.
I’m annoyed with this whole job searching thing and having to make the harsh realization that the majority of the jobs I’m applying for don’t even require a GED. Yeah. Go me!

Anyway. Last night when I was laying in bed, trying to come up with a life plan that would eventually put my BA in political Science to actual use, I realized that life is going to be temporary okay because I’m moving back to Iowa City.
Then I got annoyed because I decided to do this no alcohol February thing.
Which basically means no drinking away my sorrows, grrrr.

On a side note: Tuesdays use to be my favorite night of the week to drink. I miss the days of 2.99 margaritas and $1 u-call-it.

Then I went through this thought process about the “good old days” aka a month ago  when I was a college student and binge drinking was completely okay.
Now, I made a new realization that this no alcohol thing may be a good idea.
Who knows, it might force me to grow up.
(…well if you can “grow up” even if you don’t have a real job… or I guess any job)

I also decided to go with Kelly L excuse to why I’m not drinking. Not the “obvious” one, even though that would be pretty funny… I just think if you’re going to go with that option you should probably take the other route. You know put a pillow under your shirt and spend the rest of the night taking shots at the bar.

I’m just going to tell strangers that I’m doing it for “scientific” reasons… who knows maybe I’ll lie and say I’m getting paid to do it. (It might make me seem less lame for not having a job)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1

not that today should really count as a day conisdering that it is a monday and I plan on heading back to Perry (aka back home to my crazy parental) this afternoon. 
I mean this "task" will probably not be a real problem until this coming weekend and when I decide that I'm moving back to Iowa City (which is most likely on Thursday... but that is a whole other issue). 

but last night I was having an intense "why in the world did I decide to do this" thought process
I mean maybe I should change it to no binge drinking February or no Shots February... i feel like both of these tasks would be 10x easier. 

the list of Cons I have come up with

- my alcohol tolerance will probably go back to point 1. 
- No drunk hitting on guys at the bar. boo
- more importantly no drunk dancing.  double boo
- I just had a mental realization that the Olympics and Super Bowl are this month.  Not that I'm a "sports" fan, but I'm a fan of it being socially acceptable to drink in the middle of the day. 
- No Nachos or Cheese Fries.  (I feel like it is only okay to eat this stuff if you are drinking)
- you always look ridiculous if you drink water at the bar

um... but I suppose I could go without cheese fries for a month and maybe I'll come up with a really good lie to tell strangers to why I'm not drinking.  thoughts?