Monday, January 18, 2010

Typical convo I have with folks I run into...

Hi, I haven’t seen you in a while?
Yep, probably not since high school.

What have you been up to?
Well I just graduated.

Congrats.... what are you doing now
Um, I’m "actively" looking for a job.

So, what was your major?
Political science.

Oh, are you going to apply for law school
Nope. I have no desire to be a lawyer.

Well. Political science is kind of a broad area of study…I’m sure there are lots of jobs out there.
(blank stare)

At least being a political science major means you’re a good writer.
(another blank stare)
......yep. It was nice running into you.?!?!?

We should hang out sometime.
(convo… begins to fade away)

What I really want to say.
Hey. I’m glad to see you work at the same job you had 5 years ago and didn’t I hear you dropped out of community college.

But I didn’t because I’m nice… grrrr

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  1. Go for the community college dig, see what the reaction is.