Saturday, January 9, 2010

This post was brought to you by the men and women of law enforcement...

My mom always claimed that before I discovered the show Cops (at the age of 5) I was never interested in TV. Now that I’m an adult I like to claim that obviously I was interested in Cops at such a young age because I enjoyed learning about different social groups.

But in reality it was because I enjoyed the flashing lights and not because of the intense plot.

Now that I'm living at home there are a bunch of things that remind me of my childhood; my room, random frog plush animals, state fair Frisbees, and most importantly Cops episodes.

On Fox every afternoon they play an episode of Cops, but not the modern day classy Cops, but really old school ones.
I’m talking about neon green short wearing, mustache having, mullet haircut, and rifles in their car… old school.

For an hour everyday I forget that I have no job/social life/money/etc… and enjoy the misery of people from the early 90’s.

It is awesome.

(I would normally post an amazing video here…. But dial up will once again make my blog a little weaker)


  1. john read this blog tonight when I was at a GNO. But he is surprised that the post didn't include the top ten moments in cops' history.

    Oh and i have more followers than you.

    And I love you! =)

  2. i'm going to blame dial up for my lack of a list...
    and i thought john hated my lists.