Monday, January 4, 2010

a predictable years end blog… deal with it.

2009 in review

Moving back to Iowa City when it is -20 out, after being in Florida for 8 months… sucks
People get sick of hearing about Disney after exactly 5 minutes
Listening to live music in an empty bar is the best.
I can list off at least 10 reasons why newspapers have become irrelevant.
This year I probably learned more pointless information then my previous 3 years of college.

I now love movies…. And my tastes in movies have completely changed. (No more chick flicks. I would much rather sit through a gangster flick where at least 5 people die…)
I love Ken Ken. And sometimes it is my only motivation to pick up a NYtimes.
I will automatically stop whatever I’m doing to watch a special on WWII.

I love that all my sisters and my mom got blogs this year (Kaci, Kassie, Kinsey, and Mom)
I love when you discover new amazing blogs
Or when you meet someone who has a blog
Or when you convince a friend to get a blog

Having 3 sisters will result in them all calling you at different times asking you the same questions… sometimes I hate being everybody’s favorite.
My family will play games when we don’t know what else to do.

It’s weird how one little event can completely change your life.
It’s weird how my blog post will become dramatically more depressing because of one little life event.
These depressing life events have allowed me to become closer to my family and allowed me to spend a summer of random moments with my mom.
It also allowed me to see Kassie and Graham a bunch.

This year I learned that I was an introvert.
I learned that a lot of things in life are trivial and don’t matter.
But some times unimportant things turn out to be amazing.

I discovered I love the internet; I don’t know what I did before Twitter, Pandora, hulu, college candy, etc…
When I’m stressed I like to work out and read pointless news stories.
I like golf… well at least the driving range.
I discovered I love cheering for the Iowa Hawkeyes
You really do stop caring about grades your last semester of college.
Dial up makes everything more difficult

Having your mom pass away and graduating in the same months really… sucks.
"Growing up"... also sucks.

It is easy to say next year will be better
But I hope it still brings excitement and lots of change.


  1. your best post ever. your blog just got WAY better in my opinion.

    and 'growing up' isnt all that bad...

  2. makes me want to write a 'straight-forward' blog post. check out this blog: (, i wouldnt be surprised if it becomes one your favorites. your tone in this post reminded me of it...

  3. I think you should write a “straight-forward” blog it would be more interesting then your current post. :)
    and i did enjoy the blog, i might blog about how much i love it.

  4. nah, id rather keep some distance between my audience and i, i think...