Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Alcohol February

After reading this college candy post.  I decided it would be a good idea to copy this individual and do a “no booze February”

My deciding factors:
1. I could save money
2. It would be super fun judging individuals
3.  Oh, and when February is over it would be super easy convincing my friends to buy me drinks. 

Thoughts from my peeps:

Kassie: “You would consume less calories, I think it would be a good idea”  “but I don’t think you should get Slammed tonight”  my thoughts were: who says slammed

Kaci: “but that would mean you won’t be able to drink with us when we go out after the Fight For the Air Climb”… but I reassured her that they could drink more and I could be the DD.

Kinsey: “I don’t think you can do it, but if you do I’ll buy you Arby’s”
Nate: “Kinsey, it looks like you are going to get a free meal”

Allison: “but you would be missing so many important Drinking Days… mardi gras, Valentines day, my birthday.”  “But then again, it is the shortest month and it is way shorter then Lent… not that lent matters, b/c you’re jewish” is always supportive in my life decisions (and plus she isn’t here so it doesn’t really matter if I don’t drink for a month”

Stephanie “I don’t think you would have fun and I think you would get annoyed with everyone”  she obvious has no idea that I’m the fun.
“Your new roommates are going to think your super lame if you don’t drink”…. And once again, She forgets that I’m the Fun.

TJ: “Steph can’t do it…. I don’t think I could handle both of you not drinking”  I decided not to take this one as an insult.

There was also a lot of “how will I know if you complete it….”  “that’s just stupid” and “There is no way you can go a whole month without drinking” 
These people obviously forget that I lived at home over the summer and didn’t drink at all…. Well expect for random trips to Iowa City, but that was only like twice.
And I decided that this will hopefully result in interesting blog post. 
 (I also figure that blogging will keep me busy.  You know… considering I have nothing else going on in my life)


  1. this is dumb, and i dont think you can do it...

  2. si se puede !!!

    I believe in you ksloss.

  3. it's my first time visiting your blog so i know it might seem odd for a stranger to comment on such a personal choice but... i think you should go for it :) i decided to give up drinking after 4th of july [one hell of a hangover...] and none of my friends thought i could do it! to prove them wrong i just kept going and going, "missing" halloween, thanksgiving cordials, christmas cocktails and the ever popular new year's champagne! it was a great test of will power and the money i've saved? i guess you could say i laughed all the way to the bank.

  4. Why not? Just make sure it's not a month where you have SUPER MEGA FUN STUFF it would suck to not drink at, like your birthday, or a Tuesday.

  5. Maybe I could do it for a week.


    if i didn't have to work.