Friday, January 15, 2010

My *exciting* day

- Woke up watched two episodes of Cops (if you haven’t noticed I really do love this show)
- went to the library, the wifi wasn’t working so that was basically a waste of an hour.
- Came home realized dial-up… stinks

- went to Des Moines with my dad to visit my gpa in the hospital.
- listened to my dads grumpy comments for an hour.
- went out to eat with my dad. (He choose some Buffet place)

- listened to my dad make fun of everyone at the buffet. (Mostly how they are all lazy, have diabetes, and “come to eat”…. I tried to explain to him that he is also at a buffet and people are probably saying the same things about him. He did not care for my opinion)
- tried to figure out why we always went to buffets as child.

- On the ride back to Perry. I listened to my dad make a comment about every car that passed him on the road.
- We then went to Home Depot, because “that is what you do when you go out to eat with Smut” (of course Smut wasn’t with us. But that also didn’t matter)
- We walked around Home Depot for an hour.
- I was told lots of useless information about random items.
- We didn’t buy anything

- Drove back to Perry
- When we got into Perry we drove around for at least another 30 minutes.
- We drove by Rick’s house to see if he made it back to town okay…
- He wasn’t there and then I listened to my dad complain about how he should call him and tell him he made it back okay (I tried to explain that Rick is in his 30’s and is probably capable of taking care of himself… once again my opinion didn’t matter)
- realized my dad was crazy and would probably drive by Kassie, Kaci, and Kinsey’s houses if they lived in Perry.

- arrived at home.
- My dad disappeared to town again…. He said he was going to drive around
- I applied for a couple of jobs and did the normal “internet” stuff.
- watched an episode of the Flights of the Conchords.

Conclusion: I need a life.... but apparently my dad also needs a life.


  1. It would have been a pretty boring day for Dad had you not been around..

  2. One of the many reasons I love Kassie.

    I also have no doubt in my mind if dad knew how to get to my house in Des Moines, he would drive all the way there just to drive by my house.