Friday, January 29, 2010

My Dad

My dad is a funny old man. 
I sometimes think he is okay with people thinking he is "crazy"
and I believe he secretly wishes he actually was an old man.

this weekend we are getting our bathroom re-done and he turned off the water to the shower on wednesday night stating that 
"you can make it until Sunday until you have to shower again. right. I mean you did shower today" 
(none of this was a question but rather a statement of fact)
my response was a 
"it's okay i'm going to Iowa City this weekend"  
his reaction 
"what do you mean you are going to Iowa City this weekend"
"well, it is Kinsey's birthday, and I have a job interview, and Perry is boring, and plus there isn't going to be running water for 3 days"
"okay.  so you're okay with not using the shower until Sunday" 

My dad also recently "installed" a shower in the basement, he said I could use if I had to.  
But this "basement shower" is really just a hole in the ground and a pipe that lets out water...  and plus our basement is just a little creepy, dark, and cold.  needless to say this is not my ideal shower situation.

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