Thursday, January 14, 2010

“Funny how it comes to pass, that all the good slips away...”

I recently discovered I have a very unhealthy relationship with 90’s music. When I was driving Kinsey back to Iowa City we made two mix CDs with all the matchbox 20 songs I had on my computer. Being the clever person I am I entitled them “matchbox 20 mega mix 1 and 2”

Anyway. After listening to ½ of the first CD we realized that we have no idea what Matchbox 20 song was actually popular or what song we just know from listening to the CD on repeat when we were in middle school.

On my drive back from Iowa City I was once again reintroduced to the 90’s music that I once loved. Stephanie had my old CDs with her and as soon as I opened up the container, I realized I would spend my 2 hour drive home listening to Everclear.
I began with the “greatest hits” CD (side note: I’m not sure if you can have a greatest hit cd when you have only had a couple of “hits” but whatev)

When I arrived in Des Moines I had the realization that I have no idea
1) why I own 5 everclear cds
2) why I still know all the words to songs that I listened to when I was 14. (I was once told that if you know something for more then 3 years you will remember it for life… but I have told lots of people this theory and they all think I’m crazy)

Conclusion: now I’m annoyed that part of my brain is being consumed by this random music lyric knowledge that I will never use in my life… grrr.


  1. no. 1 i didnt read any of that post besides the title

    no. 2 im a lil drunk

    no. 3 i recently watched a documentary about a couple of 90s band called 'dig', check it out...

  2. John says "you can't claim to have an unhealthy relationship with nineties' music if you don't know who Hootie and the Blowfish are."

  3. 1. I'll "check out" dig
    2. i have heard of hootie and the blowfish... I just thought it was more important to point out that there is no reason for me to still own so many matchbox 20/everclear cds.