Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Alcohol February

After reading this college candy post.  I decided it would be a good idea to copy this individual and do a “no booze February”

My deciding factors:
1. I could save money
2. It would be super fun judging individuals
3.  Oh, and when February is over it would be super easy convincing my friends to buy me drinks. 

Thoughts from my peeps:

Kassie: “You would consume less calories, I think it would be a good idea”  “but I don’t think you should get Slammed tonight”  my thoughts were: who says slammed

Kaci: “but that would mean you won’t be able to drink with us when we go out after the Fight For the Air Climb”… but I reassured her that they could drink more and I could be the DD.

Kinsey: “I don’t think you can do it, but if you do I’ll buy you Arby’s”
Nate: “Kinsey, it looks like you are going to get a free meal”

Allison: “but you would be missing so many important Drinking Days… mardi gras, Valentines day, my birthday.”  “But then again, it is the shortest month and it is way shorter then Lent… not that lent matters, b/c you’re jewish” is always supportive in my life decisions (and plus she isn’t here so it doesn’t really matter if I don’t drink for a month”

Stephanie “I don’t think you would have fun and I think you would get annoyed with everyone”  she obvious has no idea that I’m the fun.
“Your new roommates are going to think your super lame if you don’t drink”…. And once again, She forgets that I’m the Fun.

TJ: “Steph can’t do it…. I don’t think I could handle both of you not drinking”  I decided not to take this one as an insult.

There was also a lot of “how will I know if you complete it….”  “that’s just stupid” and “There is no way you can go a whole month without drinking” 
These people obviously forget that I lived at home over the summer and didn’t drink at all…. Well expect for random trips to Iowa City, but that was only like twice.
And I decided that this will hopefully result in interesting blog post. 
 (I also figure that blogging will keep me busy.  You know… considering I have nothing else going on in my life)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Kinsey!

ps.. she is my super lame sister who doesn't have a blog (well who doesn't update it any more).... she is turning a young 22. :)

oh. and I decided to copy Kaci Jo blog post. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Dad

My dad is a funny old man. 
I sometimes think he is okay with people thinking he is "crazy"
and I believe he secretly wishes he actually was an old man.

this weekend we are getting our bathroom re-done and he turned off the water to the shower on wednesday night stating that 
"you can make it until Sunday until you have to shower again. right. I mean you did shower today" 
(none of this was a question but rather a statement of fact)
my response was a 
"it's okay i'm going to Iowa City this weekend"  
his reaction 
"what do you mean you are going to Iowa City this weekend"
"well, it is Kinsey's birthday, and I have a job interview, and Perry is boring, and plus there isn't going to be running water for 3 days"
"okay.  so you're okay with not using the shower until Sunday" 

My dad also recently "installed" a shower in the basement, he said I could use if I had to.  
But this "basement shower" is really just a hole in the ground and a pipe that lets out water...  and plus our basement is just a little creepy, dark, and cold.  needless to say this is not my ideal shower situation.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

fist pumps and fake tans anyone?

I really hate that I have given into the MTV trainwreck... The Jersey Shore.

this past week was the last episode of this amazing reality show and I would normally be super  upset about this, but there are about a million Jersey Shore fan videos to keep me entertained until next season (and there have been lots of rumors about a second season... )

here is my current favorite video.

Friday, January 22, 2010

to be young again....

This article makes me feel way better about my constant obsession with social media and my need to check my gmail 20 times a day.
Apparently children age 8-18 (I understand that me being 23 does not allow me to fit into this category… but let’s overlook that little fact)

Spend an average of 7 ½ hours a day on devices such as; smart phones, computer, television, etc… and that 7 ½ hours is more like 11 hours of media content a day. (I guess children can multi-task… who would have thought)

I’m fairly impressed by this considering that the majority 8-18 year olds and when I say that I only “actively” know a handful of 8-18 year olds I know spend 7 hours a day at school.

Yeah. For technology ruining the social skills of our youth!

Via Hello, World

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I wanna go to Yale. (well the break out in song and dance yale)

I'm sure liking this recruitment tool makes me a huge dork... but I don't care I loved it.

... and sure the video did make me a little depressed. like I have never saved anyones life or discovered the cure to anything.  but whatev.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Typical convo I have with folks I run into...

Hi, I haven’t seen you in a while?
Yep, probably not since high school.

What have you been up to?
Well I just graduated.

Congrats.... what are you doing now
Um, I’m "actively" looking for a job.

So, what was your major?
Political science.

Oh, are you going to apply for law school
Nope. I have no desire to be a lawyer.

Well. Political science is kind of a broad area of study…I’m sure there are lots of jobs out there.
(blank stare)

At least being a political science major means you’re a good writer.
(another blank stare)
......yep. It was nice running into you.?!?!?

We should hang out sometime.
(convo… begins to fade away)

What I really want to say.
Hey. I’m glad to see you work at the same job you had 5 years ago and didn’t I hear you dropped out of community college.

But I didn’t because I’m nice… grrrr

Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 days

I have been living at home for exactly 28 days.
In reality I spent 6 days “visiting” Iowa City
4 days celebrating Christmas
And 19 days having Kinsey around
I guess you could say I have spent 3 whole days living at home with just my dad

Needless to say this suck. (not b/c I don’t like hanging out with my dad, but b/c I don’t want my dad to become my best friend)

Before living at home meant:
1) I would get paid to clean
2) There would always be snacks or ice cream or chocolate around
3) I had the ability to disappear because there were other people around

Now living at home means:
1) I’m just expected to clean
2) There is never any “junk food” or any kind of snack food healthy or not
3) Literally no one is around.

Anyway. I have never been more motivated to find a job. (this should make Kassie, Kaci, and Kinsey happy to hear)

Friday, January 15, 2010

My *exciting* day

- Woke up watched two episodes of Cops (if you haven’t noticed I really do love this show)
- went to the library, the wifi wasn’t working so that was basically a waste of an hour.
- Came home realized dial-up… stinks

- went to Des Moines with my dad to visit my gpa in the hospital.
- listened to my dads grumpy comments for an hour.
- went out to eat with my dad. (He choose some Buffet place)

- listened to my dad make fun of everyone at the buffet. (Mostly how they are all lazy, have diabetes, and “come to eat”…. I tried to explain to him that he is also at a buffet and people are probably saying the same things about him. He did not care for my opinion)
- tried to figure out why we always went to buffets as child.

- On the ride back to Perry. I listened to my dad make a comment about every car that passed him on the road.
- We then went to Home Depot, because “that is what you do when you go out to eat with Smut” (of course Smut wasn’t with us. But that also didn’t matter)
- We walked around Home Depot for an hour.
- I was told lots of useless information about random items.
- We didn’t buy anything

- Drove back to Perry
- When we got into Perry we drove around for at least another 30 minutes.
- We drove by Rick’s house to see if he made it back to town okay…
- He wasn’t there and then I listened to my dad complain about how he should call him and tell him he made it back okay (I tried to explain that Rick is in his 30’s and is probably capable of taking care of himself… once again my opinion didn’t matter)
- realized my dad was crazy and would probably drive by Kassie, Kaci, and Kinsey’s houses if they lived in Perry.

- arrived at home.
- My dad disappeared to town again…. He said he was going to drive around
- I applied for a couple of jobs and did the normal “internet” stuff.
- watched an episode of the Flights of the Conchords.

Conclusion: I need a life.... but apparently my dad also needs a life.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

“Funny how it comes to pass, that all the good slips away...”

I recently discovered I have a very unhealthy relationship with 90’s music. When I was driving Kinsey back to Iowa City we made two mix CDs with all the matchbox 20 songs I had on my computer. Being the clever person I am I entitled them “matchbox 20 mega mix 1 and 2”

Anyway. After listening to ½ of the first CD we realized that we have no idea what Matchbox 20 song was actually popular or what song we just know from listening to the CD on repeat when we were in middle school.

On my drive back from Iowa City I was once again reintroduced to the 90’s music that I once loved. Stephanie had my old CDs with her and as soon as I opened up the container, I realized I would spend my 2 hour drive home listening to Everclear.
I began with the “greatest hits” CD (side note: I’m not sure if you can have a greatest hit cd when you have only had a couple of “hits” but whatev)

When I arrived in Des Moines I had the realization that I have no idea
1) why I own 5 everclear cds
2) why I still know all the words to songs that I listened to when I was 14. (I was once told that if you know something for more then 3 years you will remember it for life… but I have told lots of people this theory and they all think I’m crazy)

Conclusion: now I’m annoyed that part of my brain is being consumed by this random music lyric knowledge that I will never use in my life… grrr.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grocery Store Dynamic

Anyone who knows me understands that I’m kindof a “weirdo” when it comes to grocery shopping…

 Things that drive me insane.

- when people don’t let me push the grocery cart. (it is my favorite thing)

- Individuals who don’t understand the dynamic of the grocery store.  There is a reason the aisle are numbered and yes there is a current way to walk down them.

- when someone walks half way down the aisle and then turn around... it takes more time changing the direction of your cart then walking towards the end of the aisle.

- people who push their cart in the middle of the aisle and then precede to stop.
… in reality the whole “aisle” aspect drives me insane

- Going with someone who has no idea what they want to buy

conclusion: either just have me do your grocery shopping or don't take me with you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This post was brought to you by the men and women of law enforcement...

My mom always claimed that before I discovered the show Cops (at the age of 5) I was never interested in TV. Now that I’m an adult I like to claim that obviously I was interested in Cops at such a young age because I enjoyed learning about different social groups.

But in reality it was because I enjoyed the flashing lights and not because of the intense plot.

Now that I'm living at home there are a bunch of things that remind me of my childhood; my room, random frog plush animals, state fair Frisbees, and most importantly Cops episodes.

On Fox every afternoon they play an episode of Cops, but not the modern day classy Cops, but really old school ones.
I’m talking about neon green short wearing, mustache having, mullet haircut, and rifles in their car… old school.

For an hour everyday I forget that I have no job/social life/money/etc… and enjoy the misery of people from the early 90’s.

It is awesome.

(I would normally post an amazing video here…. But dial up will once again make my blog a little weaker)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow, Oil Change, and Florida

I got my oil changed today. (I know the excitement is probably too much for you to handle)
After they finished the guy got out of my car and said something like “did you use to live in Florida?”
After a brief second I realized they probably got that information from the little sticker they put in the corner of your windshield.
My immediate answer was “No” but for some reason the snow got to me and I said “yes, I lived there for 8 months”
His response was a typical old-man answer and went something like “hope you are enjoying the nice weather we’re having.”

Yep, he was funny.

By this time my car is once again covered in snow and I begin to secretly wish that I was in Florida.
As I drive away, my CD player begins to play “Who loves the sun….”
I thought “I do” and immediately switched to the radio.
I figured this was God’s way of telling me I shouldn’t lie to nice old car-fixing men.

Monday, January 4, 2010

a predictable years end blog… deal with it.

2009 in review

Moving back to Iowa City when it is -20 out, after being in Florida for 8 months… sucks
People get sick of hearing about Disney after exactly 5 minutes
Listening to live music in an empty bar is the best.
I can list off at least 10 reasons why newspapers have become irrelevant.
This year I probably learned more pointless information then my previous 3 years of college.

I now love movies…. And my tastes in movies have completely changed. (No more chick flicks. I would much rather sit through a gangster flick where at least 5 people die…)
I love Ken Ken. And sometimes it is my only motivation to pick up a NYtimes.
I will automatically stop whatever I’m doing to watch a special on WWII.

I love that all my sisters and my mom got blogs this year (Kaci, Kassie, Kinsey, and Mom)
I love when you discover new amazing blogs
Or when you meet someone who has a blog
Or when you convince a friend to get a blog

Having 3 sisters will result in them all calling you at different times asking you the same questions… sometimes I hate being everybody’s favorite.
My family will play games when we don’t know what else to do.

It’s weird how one little event can completely change your life.
It’s weird how my blog post will become dramatically more depressing because of one little life event.
These depressing life events have allowed me to become closer to my family and allowed me to spend a summer of random moments with my mom.
It also allowed me to see Kassie and Graham a bunch.

This year I learned that I was an introvert.
I learned that a lot of things in life are trivial and don’t matter.
But some times unimportant things turn out to be amazing.

I discovered I love the internet; I don’t know what I did before Twitter, Pandora, hulu, college candy, etc…
When I’m stressed I like to work out and read pointless news stories.
I like golf… well at least the driving range.
I discovered I love cheering for the Iowa Hawkeyes
You really do stop caring about grades your last semester of college.
Dial up makes everything more difficult

Having your mom pass away and graduating in the same months really… sucks.
"Growing up"... also sucks.

It is easy to say next year will be better
But I hope it still brings excitement and lots of change.