Saturday, December 18, 2010

Festive DC stuff + new camera!

I bought a new cameraliterally I bought a new camera yesterday.
It isn’t anything exciting like Kassie’s new camera.  But considering the last camera I owned was free (steph, found it at a bar) and it hasn't worked in over a year.  It was very exciting for me!

My impulse buy came after I decided to walk to the National Christmas Tree and realized that my phone feels the need to die after taking one photo
As a result of me being frustrated and annoyed that I accomplished nothing on my day off I made my way up to Best Buy and splurged on a camera that was on sale -of course they all were on sale and anyone who has been to the Columbia heights Best Buy and played with their cameras knows that it is really a hit and miss, since 85% of the displays won’t turn on… but me being “camera” savvy I had no problem picking on out.-

Today I decided it was completely necessary to go see the Christmas tree after work.
I also convinced Ruth to go with me to make up for the whole her tricking me into going to the Jewish social event.
I can only imagine she enjoyed being surrounded by “Jesus” Christmas stuff and my inability to answer questions such as
why the importance of the tree
what the significance of the mistletoe?
Hmmm, idk. I blame commercial Christmas and Santa for these things. 

The Tree and White House
One of the 5 photos I made Ruth take of me. this one says "I don't need friends in my photo to be cool and the guys behind me are too insecure to take photos by themselves."
The "Iowa" Christmas Tree. 
yeah, I know I also thought it looked a little weak. 
I found it entertaining that this ornament feel off the tree. 
very Iowan.
These pictures really don't allow you to see the intense crowds that was present.  I was really shocked that so many people would show up to see a Christmas Tree.  But then again it is Saturday and Ruth pointed out that is seemed like a good place to go to on a date

Oh, we also went to get food afterwards and the shop happened to be closing and we scored 2 free muffins. It was all very magical!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Why I don't take the metro

I completely forgot to mention the most important part of the night in my previous post.

On our way to the event we were taking the metro over to Chinatown.  I barely ever take the metro, if I do it is usually one straight shot and I don’t ever transfer.  And plus it cost too much

We were going to take the bus, but b/c of our inability to pay attention to the stops we missed ours and decided to take the metro.

When we arrived in Chinatown we took the escalator up to the top.  -obviously, b/c I wasn’t going to walk up the stairs and plus it was kind of a hike.-

It should also be noted that I have an inability to pick up my feet when I walk. 

As a result when we got to the top, I slide my foot off the top step and a piece of yellow metal came with it.

This metal got stuck in the escalator and it came to an abrupt stop.

Yep, I broke the escalator.

The person behind me shoots me a look like I did this just to ruin his day
I mean seriously he had to walk up maybe 5 more stairs.

I mean I did feel slightly bad b/c there was an array of people behind us.  And I imagine if anyone had a suitcase or a small child they probably would have gone home and blogged about the crappy DC metro system. – but in reality it was just a girl and her inability to pay attention to what she was doing, but then again… maybe they should regularly check the escalators to make sure everything was screwed in correctly-
Of course now I know to make sure to pick up my feet when I get off and to make sure that the yellow square pieces at the top are screwed in correctly. 
I advise you all to do the same. 
It could have been worse... I could have lost my shoe. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yep, I’m definitely not Jewish

Things you need to fully understand before reading this post.
1.  I’m not Jewish
2. I’ve never been to a synagogue
3.  This post should have been written 1 ½ weeks ago.

I was tricked into going to a Hanukkah (or Chanukah… but who am I kidding, I have no idea how to speak Hebrew and I’m not Jewish so Hanukkah) event.  In reality I may not have been “tricked” or even "convinced," Ruth –a girl I work with- asked me if I wanted to see a Jewish comedian with her. 

After youtubing a couple of his clips and making sure that it was okay for me to laugh at his jokes, I agreed to go.  Sure it was a Saturday and it cost 20$ to go, but I really had nothing else to do.

We went and we were basically rejected at the door.  I imagine they took one look at me and realized I wasn’t Jewish and decided that they should lie and say they were sold out of tickets. 

But that’s a lie, they really were sold out of tickets. (and plus I have dark brown curly hair and I work at the Holocaust museum… I could very easily be Jewish? Right?!?!?)

Ruth went up to a lady who looked very official - she was wearing a name badge and everything - and asked if there was any way we could go to the event. 
In her overly excited voice (think HS cheerleader) she told us that unfortunately they were sold out of tickets, but we should come back for the after party and there would be free food, a DJ, drinks, and that it would be lots of fun! After informing us that it started at 9:30 and only cost 10 dollars, we pretty much decided that we would go. 

And plus, she must have noticed that we were bummed about missing the comedian and she offered to steal give us some of the free donuts they had.  I said that I was good.  But Ruth insisted that we get some.

As a result for Ruth’s need for free “stuff” we got 2 free donuts.  One with jelly filled and we spent a good ten minutes deciding what to do with it.  We decided just to throw it away, after unsuccessfully offering it to a couple of strangers.

We spent the next hour or so at Rocket Bar.  Were we played Connect four and Scrabble.  I continually won at connect four and listened to Ruth claim that the reason she kept on losing was because she has never played connect four (seriously, she grew up in Vermont…. Not some strange country like Canada that probably doesn’t have awesome games like connect four).
To be fair she did bet me at scrabble. 

We made our way back to the synagogue to attend what we thought would be a fun-filled “after party”
We paid our ten dollars and walked into the event room.

Automatically literally seconds- after we walked in we felt awkward.  It felt like a middle school dance, but instead of guys on one side and girls on the others.  It was groups of pairs; two girls, two boys, two girls, two boys, etc.

It soon became clear to us that we were at what I can only call a “Jewish singles social event.”  But not just any kind of “dating” event, one with the oldest girl being 25 and the youngest guy being 35.

I decided that we should stay for a little bit considering that we spent 10$ to get in.   (And at this point I thought maybe I could find myself a Jewish Dr. or something)

After a couple of minutes two guys walked up to Ruth and me and introduced themselves.  They automatically asked if we regularly attend this synagogue and I just give a blank-stare to Ruth.  She responds with the “oh, we work together response and that I wasn’t Jewish… blah, blah, blah.” 
Then they asked  how the mission of our museums differs from Yad Vashem.  Um, this is not a get to know me question?-   And after some more awkward convo we found out that they were both Eye Doctors (my friend steph would appreciate this) 
as a slight side note: one mentioned that he has lived in this area for 8 years (and he didn't attend grad school in DC)... this should give you a hint on their age. 
They soon excused themselves to get themselves a drink. They offered to get us a drink, but we politely turned them down –when I say “we” I mean “me” I have a feeling Ruth would have wanted a free $3 soda, but a $5 beer seemed pointless-  

The next guy who talked to us was an out of  shape-balding  guy in his late 30’s maybe early 40s.  He awkwardly stood next to us for ten minutes before he talked to us.  And then he asked us if we wanted to dance. –um, no-
Needless to say, we danced a little –by ourselves- and after the creepy guy decided to join us we decided to leave.

To visualize it for you: I imagine it would be a lot like a 90's High School teen movie
you know where the cute pretty naive girl is just waiting for the her prince charming. That prince charming isn't the popular captain of the football team (or perhaps, college freshmen studying some BS major like Pre-Med) but instead it is a nice nerdy guy who really understand her needs. 
nerdy guys with Middle age Jewish Adult 
Amanda Becket with single young 20 something yr old girl.  

What I learned:
I spent 10$ and a half an hour of my life to realize that I no longer want to marry a Jewish guy.  Or at least I now know single events are awkward and weird.  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I hate “To do list”

Everything about them drive me nuts.
Mostly b/c I feel stupid writing the little things down that I would normally do.

But I had a lot planned for my day off.
And if I was a “To do list” person I’m sure my list would have looked like this:

Buy new black work pants.
Sign up for a gym membership
Sign up for Netflix
Clean my room
Eat Lunch
Shower before noon
Leave my apartment before noon
Go to a coffee place and use their free internet while enjoying some sort of hot beverage
Write a blog post about the Jewish social event I was tricked into going to
Go to the Capitol Tree lighting at 5
Go to the USHMM event tonight with Judge Thomas Buergenthal at 7
Do laundry
Pluck my eyebrows
Go grocery shopping 

But what I’ve really done today
Woke up before 1
Ate some cookies
Wrote this blog post
Found a Christmas Pandora station.

I still might do some of the things on this list… the day is still young. It's is only 2. 

And I think I was just convinced to go to the event at USHMM (mostly b/c I was told there was free food) and if I go to that I’ll probably go to the tree lighting. 

So, I guess my day might be more eventful than I originally thought. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

TV and the Holidays

I don’t own a TV
Normally I’m okay with this.

But two times out of the year it makes me sad. 
those times happen to fall around the holiday session.  
First off, I missed out on the 13 nights of Halloween.
And Now I’m going to miss out on the 25 days of Christmas.

Which means no Rudolph, Frosty, Scrooge, Grinch, etc…

Yesterday I came across "the 2010 Christmas Holiday Schedule"… which stats time and dates when you can watch varies different Holiday shows.   
Because I’m a nice person I’m forwarding this information on to all my blog followers who have a TV

For those of you who are concerned... I just bought a copy of It's a Wonderful Life.  
Now I don't have to wait until Dec. 24 to watch it.  
I can watch it whenever I want. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It has been a year.

Hey mom….

I’ve really missed telling you random unimportant (sometimes important, but mostly unimportant) life events that have happened to me this past year…. Mostly those things that sometimes I feel stupid telling other people. 

So here is my sappy list of things I know you would have loved hearing about.

I graduated!  The event itself was uneventful.  I didn’t buy a cap and gown, I didn’t take fun pictures in front of the old capital, I didn’t go eat a fancy diner, and I didn't walk… I actually think I slept in until noon and spent rest of my day writing a final report that was due the week before.

I missed your amazing graduation package you would have sent me… especially the card that would have mentioned that you were proud of me and that I was your favorite child.  (Those cards were my favorite)

I moved home for a month. *cough* you can imagine how much I enjoyed that.

The post-graduation Job search

And getting annoyed with every aspect of it
Well… Mostly how I got annoyed with people.  You would have told me that everything would have worked out and not to worry about the little things.  You would have been content with me living at home for as long as I wanted.

You never would have told me to apply to McDonalds.   

My decision to move back to IC.  You wouldn’t have thought of this as a dumb decision… if anything you would have liked that I was living closer to Kinsey.

no Alcohol February

I got a job!  At a casino! You would have loved every aspect of it. 

Literally you would have loved everything from the free soda/popcorn/ice cream to the “C” musicians that would play there. 
Not to mention you would have loved all the stories about the random old people

I went to a psychic with Steph. It was depressing.  You would have wanted to know every detail.  Steph called her mom right after… I would have called you and you would have had an answer for everything.

My new obsession with Zombies. 

Boys, cheesy fries, and first date jitters…you would have thought this was cute.

My decision to live with Kinsey and Steph. 

My 3 month review at the Casino.  They told me I smiled too much.

Kinsey’s semi-boy drama… It would have made you happy knowing that I was living in IC close to her.

New prowling dresses

Sketchy IC apartment. And even sketchier roommates.

Car problems.

My decision to move to DC.

The job search (again)

The interviews.

Kaci’s bachelorette party and wedding.
But I probably would have just talked about the invites and programs I made.

Cedar Rapids

Moving to the new apt in Coralville... and how every aspect of it sucked.

A week after being in my new apartment getting the internship at USHMM.

Giving my 2 weeks’ notice literally minutes after I found out.  I probably would have called you first, but instead Ashlee from work was the first to know.  (I think dad was probably one of the last to know)

My last weeks in IC and going out with my work friends. 

The time Kinsey made me leave work early to sit in the hospital waiting room with her for 3 hours.
You would have wanted to know everything about Kinsey being in the hospital.  I’m sure you would have insisted that I spend the night with her.

My drive to DC

My search for an apt.

Everything about DC… You would have loved the museums/monuments/attractions.  More importantly I wouldn’t feel lame telling you how much I like the zoo, the dinosaur bones, or that seeing the Washington monument and capital everyday makes me happy.  

The random celebrities that come to the museums.
The countless first hand stories I have heard from survivors and liberators.

Birthday packages and the random dollar bills
Election Day packages and the random political cartoons
Harry Potter packages and the random HP articles.  You would have loved that I wore my “Harry” Shirt to the movie

Random DC events I go to by myself

PG versions of my nights out

Prime-time TV show
DC grocery stores

My new life goals and crazy things I want to accomplish.

The job search (again)

And of course all the random day-to-day activities that happened this past year that wasn’t important enough to make this list…
I should say that I’m now going to eat some chicken nuggets, have a diet pepsi, a banana split, and watch CSI. 
But in reality I’m going to get some Burger King, have a wild cherry pepsi, chocolate chip chocolate ice cream, and watch it’s a wonderful life on repeat. 

Love, Kelsey

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Job search

I’m on the job search again.
The one thing in the world that can suck the life out of anyone.
Not only am I not seeing jobs that I want.
The jobs I do see are not in a related field that I want. 
And trust me my I’m not even picky about the jobs I want or even a related fields
it is really just a small list of things I don’t want.
I wish someone would just tell me where these “dream jobs” are hiding. 

Oh wait I know… 
some 45 yr old man has this awesome "dream job" and is not going to give it up anytime soon. 
b/c lets face it....
It is a “dream job” who would give that up
That basically means I have 20+ years before I can even think about applying for those jobs.

It looks like I’m stuck applying for
“after school chess teacher”
Oh wait, I have no idea how to play chess

Also, I fee like I can relate to this song bunches right now. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I have mad style

I don't know if my blog followers know this about me....
but I was an adorable child.  
(I would say my prime was some time in-between my mullet, Elvis sideburns, and my bowl haircut

I mean seriously... even with that crazy hair, I was adorable. 
and plus I had mad style.  
I could totally rock those shorts and ice cream cone T-Shirt. 

I probably got my "mad style" from my mom and dad

But then again, that is probably a lie....
hmmm, I'm going to have to ask him about this someday
Way to go Nixon side.... at least I now know where I get my big hair from.
(but then again I've been told they had perms... but still. it just makes me wish I would have been a teenager in the 80's they would have been jealous of my natural curly hair)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekly Horoscopes!

Every Monday for the past… um, let’s say… 5 months I have been sending Steph, Allison, and Kinsey  weekly horoscopes. **

I get them off of a random blog (I would mention it, but I have this fear that Steph, Allison, and Kinsey would no longer need me in their lives if they could just read the blog and get their weekly advice themselves.)

The horoscopes are normally just funny, random, and pointless statements that we all twist and mingle to relate to ourselves.  And trust me sometimes this is hard you realize that Steph and I share the same birthday and have the same horoscope (obviously), but we have slightly different people. 

Anyway: This week’s Virgo Horoscope was awesome. So awesome that I decided to blog for the first time in weeks. 

virgo (Aug. 23rd-Sept. 22nd)

It doesn’t get any sexier than It’s a Wonderful Life. Hear us out. There’s that one scene where Mary and George are both listening and speaking into one receiver of a phone to someone on the other end, their love for one another as yet unspoken, their heads and lips getting closer and closer, the sexual tension between them so thick you can almost smell it. Until finally, George just loses it, drops the phone, grabs Mary fiercely by the arms and draws her up to him. Like a love-crazed crazy person, he screams at her all the things he doesn’t want to do — a frenetic lust-filled laying down of ground rules, followed by a passionate embrace and feverish kisses. Hot! Create your own classic scene with the “Mary” (or “Martin”) in your life by laying down your own ground rules. Who cares if you don’t end up playing by them?

Not only do I love It’s a Wonderful Life, I also love weekly horoscopes.

** Correction: I looked at my FB messages I've been sending them since Feb. 15.  
(Kinsey was added April 19!)
I’m super impressed that I've been able to keep up with this week after week. Go Me!

I think I deserve a treat or something… or maybe Steph, Allison, and Kinsey should buy me something 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebrity sighting... well maybe... but probably not

I saw the Duggars the other day at work.

I was just chillin' outside on my break and just finished my amazing lunch meat sandwich.
When I look across the street I see a group of about 20+ people.  Which is normal-ish here in DC, but there was something a little strange about the group.
There were some adults. But the majority of the individuals just seemed young. 

After taking a closer look I thought
hmmm the older guy kind-of looks like the guy off of that TLC show

I continued to walk inside.  Then I noticed the oldest son (the one that just got married and had the most awkward wedding ever televised) 
and I thought. “OMG, maybe it is the family from TLC.  I mean there are a lot of kids and none of them really appear to be the same age

By this time I was five steps from re-entering the building and I already made eye contact with the dad… basically I missed my opportunity to take a pic.

I head in and tell a couple people I work with that I think I just saw the Duggars. 
No one really seemed to care.

They were dressed normal-ish (I’ve seen more conservative clothes on other visitors... and they weren't wearing the typical american flag t-shirts that most tourist wear) and there wasn’t extra security or a film crew around them.
They were just a normal family (times 5)

They even stood in the middle of the museum for a bit, while someone from Guest Services explained the concept behind the building.

-One girl looked like she had a bumpit in her hair.
-And another one had a really fancy mancy camera and was taking pictures.  

(I was jealous of the camera… not so much of the bumpit)

And the oldest son and his wife were holding hands and being all cute.  It made their creepy wedding seem less creepy.

From what I could notice, the mom wasn’t there.  It was just the dad, the kids, and a couple of other adults.

And then they all went up to the Permanent Exhibit.
Which I thought was super weird, mostly b/c we don’t recommend that children under the age of 12 go up.
I was automatically interested in how the dad would explain the holocaust to his his family.  
(I hope they film a segment about it)

Hmmm, that may be it.  (I know I live an exciting life)

It only seems fitting to post a pic of them on the Mike Huckabee show.... 

if anything I thought my Fox shoutout would make my brother-in-law happy. 
(check out his crazy right wing blog!)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What’s your story?

Last night I mingled it up with A.Hughes and some of her old internship friends.

And I was asked the “What’s your story?” question at least 6 times.

The first time I was asked I just gave a blank stare...

What do you mean?  What’s my story, I don’t know.  What’s your story? I don’t have a “story” I just moved here.  What exactly do you want to know; my job, where am I from, have I ever killed anyone, what was my childhood pet, etc? 

It was all very confusing.

I think I just rambled something like

….um. I’m from Iowa, I have 5 siblings, I went to the University of Iowa, graduated, and I have an internship at the US Holocaust Memorial museum….. um, my favorite animal is the giraffe, etc.

Then I asked him and he basically recited his resume, it was all very weird.

After that the only logical thing was to copy him.
which I did

I’m from Iowa, went to uiowa graduated with a degree in PolSci and minors in Mass Communication and Religious Studies, worked at Disney world for 8 months, etc

when I started to do that, people didn’t really care about that kind of story. 

Super confusing.

From now on I’m just going to stick to the Iowa and Museum thing.

They should just come up with a better question.  It was almost like they all read the same article mentioning the “what’s your story?” question and decided to use it in their everyday life.

I would say it is almost like the phrase “what’s up”… um, idk nothing?


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shoes, Journals, and the American Indian

Right now I’m sitting in my room trying to stretch out a pair of shoes I bought back in Iowa.

I’m convinced that DC weather has made wearing half of my rings and shoes impossible.

I mean there is a huge possibility that I bought these shoes a size to small to begin with.  But I swear when I tried them on in the air conditioned store with steph they didn’t seem snug at all. 

So I’m sitting on my computer in my room with a pair of semi-high heels on.

And all I can think is that hopefully my roommate doesn’t walk in (not that she has ever walked into my room) but I’m fairly certain I’m the definition of white-trash right now:
I have on a white tank top on that has a gigantic hole in it, a red B-R-A, stripes boxer shorts, I haven’t showered today, my hair is in a side ponytail, and I have these black high heels on…. Super classy.

Besides my shoe problem….

I bought a journal today. 
Well, technically it is a small drawing notebook.  It was impossible to find a journal that didn’t have lines in it…. I hate lines when I write. I think they limit what I want to say… I like the idea of being to draw a picture or write REALLY BIG if I feel like it. 

I’m not completely sure why… but lines make me feel uncomfortable.

So, I bought this art notebook instead of a real fancy journal with a cool design on it. 
I’m sure after a while I’ll make it work and will be happy with my decision. 

Besides my shoe and journal problem...

 I went to the National Museum of the American Indian.  I felt like I needed to go with a tour guide or spend a couple of hours watching a documentary to really appreciate this museum.  They just had so much stuff and I had no idea what I needed to take out of it.

… hmm, that is all for today.  

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happiness Project

being able to see this while I'm on my lunch break. 
being able to lay in the perfect grass on my lunch break. 
I love that my lunch break last an hour



Sunday, August 29, 2010

yeah, I'm a DC resident

I’ve official been a DC resident for a week and it is slowly starting to feel real.
I got my first piece of mail. Thanks Kassie!
I can name the streets that are around me (well… at least the streets in front of my place, I don’t ever walk the back way).

I can also recognize if I’m walking in the wrong direction, get off on the wrong bus stop… whatev, you get the point I’m horrible with directions.  
But I can now at least almost figure out a correct direction to go without looking at a map.

Go me!

- I also changed my Blogger page and twitter page to state that my current location is DC.
- I did my first load of laundry
- Had some FrozenYo… I didn't understand it and I couldn't figure out why I was paying more to do everything myself. 

And I went to the grocery store for the first time today… which was an experience all its own.

First off. I love grocery shopping.  
(If you know me or if you ever intensely read my blogs you would know this
and I feel like grocery shopping in DC is like going grocery shopping at the random small town grocery store that you only go to if you are in desperate need of bread or something

(in my case this would be Fareway or in Iowa City it would be John’s Grocery... which really is only good for buying beer)

Side note: I have only been to one DC grocery store and am making my assumptions based on this one. 
Yeah, for stereotypes!

This grocery store is not set up in the generic way a grocery store should be set up. It seriously looked like they just put items where ever they thought it would fit without thinking about the grocery store dynamic at all… it was seriously not convenient for the customer at all.

It was annoying.

Seriously, there were dairy products by can goods ands and the cereal by the orange juice.

Super annoying.

And I felt like they were missing important items and didn’t have enough options of the items they did have.

It was not the fancy mancy grocery shopping experience I wanted… maybe I should try whole foods next time (in reality that’s a lie… I’ll stick to this Safeway b/c I’m too cheap to shop at whole foods)

also, DC now charges .05 cents for their plastic bags. Which is super awesome in theory, but sometimes you really just want a plastic bag...

and to add a random picture. 
I went to the natural history museum today...  just to see the dinosaurs.
I'm a sucker for dinosaurs

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm a rebel

I went to an independent film screening today.

And in typical Kelsey DC fashion I got lost. It was on New Hampshire Ave and I figured since I was so familiar with this Street (see previous blog post) I would be able to find it.  But as soon as I got off the metro I must have headed the wrong direction.  

But no need to worry this time I didn't hesitate and pulled out my map right away and corrected my direction.

I went in to the hotel area where they had the film screening and was all like “hey, I’m here to see the film” 
and they were all like “you will have to put your name on the waiting list
and I was like “ Grrr, okay

(It should be noted that I called the hotel the night before and asked if there was a waiting list; they informed there was not)

They tell me to come back at 6:55 and they will see about getting me in.   I leave and only wonder to a local park where I sit in the rain (this is a lie, it was more like a mist) and read a book.

I come back at 6:55 and ask if they have gotten to the waiting list and their response is “we are pretty booked up, but maybe if you stand around we will be able to get you a seat”

Since I can follow direction I stand off to the side..... but soon I realize I’m standing right by where they are showing the movie.

I quickly sneak in and steal a couch cushion.

I’m a rebel.

Well, I felt like a rebel but in reality they would have let anybody take the seats.  there was no real security or order to thing.

The movie was good; even though it was in half Spanish and Hebrew and some ladies head was blocking half of the subtitles.  But from what I could see it was pretty funny.

Unfortunately I didn’t make any sophisticated movie buff friends… the time I would have done this I was sitting in the rain reading a book.  Maybe next time

Getting Lost.

As I mentioned yesterday I got lost on my "walk" to "explore" DC on Sunday.

Here is a Google Map image of the walk I took.

and the path I should have took.

For Some reason I thought New Hampshire Ave would be a good direction to head. 
And sure you would think once I realized that the street numbers were going up I would have fixed my direction... but it didn't.

and once I hit Dupont Circle I new I messed up and once I hit the George Washington area I took out my tourist DC map and tried to figure out where the hell I ended up. 

On the plus side I got to see the Watergate building

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day: My thought process.

I woke up WAY to early today.  Partially b/c I went to bed at  6pm yesterday.  (That’s a whole other story that involves me getting lost… if I was on top of this blogging thing you would have already heard that story).

I wake up at 6:00 am… yeah; I didn’t have to be at work until 9:30.  But whatev, it was my first day and I was nervous.
I spend the morning getting ready.  Which mostly involves me googling directions to and from the bus stop a million time.  It was a priority of mine to make it look like I knew what I was doing, even though I had no idea.

As I’m walking to the bus stop I pass a guy eating a peanut butter sandwich (I’m making assumptions here b/c that what I had for breakfast)  and I decided to walk a different way than him.  
and when I finally arrive to the bus stop he is standing there… and all I can think is “Oh crap, he knows a short cut that google maps didn’t tell me about

Then I get on the bus and I’m pretty sure my metro pass thing didn’t scan right, but the guy didn’t say anything … so I just continued to walk and take a seat.
Then I start freaking out b/c I didn’t really pay attention to the stop I was suppose to get off on and I’m sitting on the inside seat and am wondering what I'm suppose to do if I need to get off before the strange guy sitting next to me. 
(ps… the peanut butter guy took a taxi.  It was his lost, I was all about becoming his friend)

After I have my miniature freak out about the bus and A.Hughes telling me that I’ll be fine and that I’m mostly crazy… I arrive at my location just fine and walk towards the entrance of my new place of work.

I realize I’m like 25 mins early and I decide to just sit outside and wait.  And of course this whole time I’m judging every employee that walks by…. Lots of thoughts like “omg, you’re wearing sandals” and “you have white jeans on
I have no idea why I was freaking out about what I should wear.

Once I arrive inside I go through security and sit there for a few mins while I wait for someone to come and get me…. This whole time I do the whole should I sit or stand thing.  I sit after one of the guards tells me that I can have a seat.
(Tomorrow, I'll be a pro at this)

Anyway:  the main Kelsey freak out moment

I’m giving some normally paperwork to fill out.  Which I’m doing great at...
Name: no problem
Birthday: no problem
Eye color: simple
Race: I small debate between white and Caucasian.. but simple

Then they trick me

Address:  Crap, I’ve lived at this place for less than 24 hrs.  I think it 23, no, 32, no 41…. Wait, I sent Kaci a text with my address the other day.  Darnit, my stupid sent folder only holds 50 txt messages… I never send that many message.
Whatev… I’ll just guess

Citizenship: wait, do I put American or yes… I feel like American is to patriotic, like I should be wearing an American flag and come from some southern state.  I decide to put American, I’m from Iowa these people probably assume I’m a hick.

Weight: 5’5’’
Height:  170
Crap… I put those in the wrong spot…. Should I just do an arrow or cross them completely off.
I decided the crossing off which turned more into a scribble and then all I could think about was that in 3rd grade we got in trouble for scribbling out words.

SSN:  I write it down to fast and 4 numbers in I realize I didn’t follow the _ _ _-_ _ -_ _ _ _thing and have 4 numbers in the first section.
and then I have the scribble debate again.

The lady comes back in and I say “sorry I screwed up on my weight and height”
And then I think “Oh crap, I just said Screwed up… why didn’t I just say messed up.”

Hopefully she doesn’t hold it against me.
The rest of the day went pretty smoothly.

But I did almost join a gym on my walk home; The only reason it didn't was because it was raining.
I’m a sucker for good marketing. 

Tomorrow I think I’m going to go to a Independent film screening…. 
I started looking at the events on the The Washington Post website and figured it wouldn't hurt me to go to a few of them. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Road trip!

and when I say road trip I mean... I'm driving to DC all by myself.  
(I feel like a road trip normally implies that there is more then one person)

yep, I'm making the trek down...  wait over to DC to start my new job on Monday
... do I have a place to live yet? No.
but thats okay, I'll crash with AHughes until she kicks me out.

wish me luck!

ps... this is my last blog from Iowa. How sad?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old People Gone Crazy

I literally just had someone get directed to my blog by asking “is 63 to old to be wearing skinny jeans”

My reaction was “seriously

And now a little insight into my thoughts

1) Don’t you have children/grandchildren/other old folks/friends/nurse/random community members around… to tell you that this is a bad idea?

2) Wow, this 63 yr old is tech savvy… I mean sure she only stayed on my site for a total of 2 seconds. But still impressive

3) but still, if you have to google a question like this the answer is pretty obvious. 

4) and seriously.. I have written one blog post about skinny jeans why is it that half of google referrals are about skinny jeans.  

enjoy this random photo from People From Walmart....
and I did try to google "old people and skinny jeans" and "cool elderly people" and those searches resulted in non-related photos.  
(I can only secretly hope the the person who googled the "is 63 to old to wear skinny jeans" guestion was doing it to update their blog about something ridiculous.... here's to hoping!)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the big move

Hmm.  Let’s see what has been going on in my life.

First off, I moved.  From the nice college town of Iowa City to an “adult” town of Coralville. 
But don’t be fooled it is all the same. 

Really this move just means that when I go out I can no longer walk downtown and now I have to take a taxi. 
Yeah I know… super boo. 

I don’t understand this whole “hey, let’s be adults and move out of Iowa City”…. The only perk to this new place is that there is a Mexican restaurant that has 3.50 margaritas in walking distance.
(Well, and that I love my roomies and the place is nicer than the average IC apartment)


We (steph, Kinsey, and TJ) spent a Sunday moving all of our junk up to the 3rd floor (which is the top floor… I thought that needed to be mentioned
and in case you needed a figure: we had 4 beds (box springs and everything), a HEAVY couch, a recliner, bookshelves, 2 desks, a TV, TV stand, coffee table, and numerous other “junk”

It should also be noted that unlike most people who move out of their apartment our parents/brothers/other random relatives/friends… did not help us.

And anyways (again)

We moved, we survived. Our first meal was pizza … it was all so very awesome.
I get unpacked… finally empty my car (well, I still have a couple pairs of random jeans and a laundry basket full of books… but that’s just technicality)

And then…. Wait for it…. Wait for it

I got a job in DC!

Well, technically it is an internship… but still it is in DC!

I put in my two weeks’ notice at work and am now in the process of trying to find a place on non-sketchy craigslist that I can move into before the 23rd.

Aahahahahahaha…. (that’s my OMG, I have less than 2 weeks to find a place and re-move)