Monday, December 28, 2009

Top 5 “maybe I shouldn’t have done that” drinking moments

1. First Bar Experience, freshmen year with my crazy roommate Kelly. Needless to say she thought it was a good idea to pre-game with Jager Bombs and Vodka. After we ran out of alcohol we went to one of her friend’s dorm at Burge and proceeded to drink miller light until they ran out. At that moment we were convinced to go to the bars. I was the only one who was 19, none of us had a fake id, and for some reason we all got into Etc. with 21 wristbands. From what I remember it was a blast.
Side note: I could never respect Etc. as a real bar after this.

2. House Parties my Freshmen Year. They were always 1) uneventful of 2) more eventful then you hoped. Uneventful if you got to the party to late and had to wait 10 minutes to fill up your cup. Or eventful when you could spend your night playing flippy cup with jungle juice, dancing to everclear, taking pictures with a Justin Timberlake magnetic, or the essential “OMG I’m underage and the cops are at this house party” freak out moment.

I know I said no pictures…but this could possibly be my favorite pic of  the "good old freshmen year house party"... I also just love Mike's face. 

3) 99 apples night, Sophomore year. This was epic. It involved Steph convincing her brother to buy us a bottle of 99 apples and then Mike, Allison, Kinsey, Steph, and I spending the next couple of hours finishing it.
This was also the night that when we ran out of 99 apples and thought chasing Hawkeye Vodka with water was the best idea ever, I used Erin’s fake ID at Kum & Go, we attempted to take a photo with the camera timer and Steph “forget to fill up her shoot glass”, Allison finally had her “seriously, we have been waiting 2 months for this to happen” moment, and we still some how ended up at Ben’s apartment before heading downtown…
Needless to say I think Mike was the only one who made it to bar close.

4. 21st birthday, is one of the few times you are allowed to act like a complete full and people still have to be nice to you. From what I was told; I had fun, I drank a lot, it was raining on our walk home, and Kassie made me wear her shoes…. It was a good time.
I also passed out in the hallway next to my kitchen floor. … Needless to say I was immobile for at least 2 days.

5. FAC, 1st semester senior year. Allison and I decided to end our semester (well technically the end of her college career) by drinking after my 2:30 class.
here is how it went; we went to Bojames, Fieldhouse (for some “awesome” live music.. they don’t do it anymore *tear*), then we got some free pitchers from some random characters for their birthday, we got bored and went to go chit chat at the local ATM (it was cold outside, we weren’t ready to go home, and it was inside), and finally we made our way to Quintons.
It was intense… in the since that we made about 10 new bffs and I’m confident we both woke up thinking “WTF”


  1. fyi: you have a few spelling errors in this post.... (this is the only time when my English major is actually semi-useful)

    I loved 99 apples night. it's one of my favorites except I don't remember that quote of mine...but it's ok.

    I also loved that FAC was fantastic and full of great stories we'll carry with us forever ;)

  2. Whatev you have to deal with the spelling errors.
    And it really wasn’t a quote but more of a thought that was going through everyone’s head.