Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 5 favorite natural disasters (or more appropriately, when classes were cancelled)

1. Tornado, freshmen year. There is nothing like having a ton of Chicago residents freak out just b/c of the weather. I also had two papers due the next day and loved the fact that I got a weekend extension on everything. Oh, and the weekend itself was a blast. There was only 4 girls remaining on my floor and we spent the weekend going to Wal-Mart at midnight, playing music as loud as possible, having a water fight in the hallway, and watching movies.
It was amazing!

2. Mardi Gras junior year. Kinsey, Allison, Stephanie, and I spent the night taking a million photos (one with a snowman) and drinking the night away.
We woke up the next day and classes were canceled. It was the best hung-over experience ever.

3. Week before Finals Junior year. I had a project due in my film class and desperately needed an extension on it. Needless to say the lab was open all day and classes were cancelled. I suppose this is the most productive use of a snow day ever.

4. The Wednesday before finals this year. It wasn’t all that amazing; I really just spent the whole day
watching movies and being depressed…. But I suppose not having class is always fun. (And I do love snow)

5. Um…. So maybe there have only been 4 times classes have been cancelled.
Kinsey told me to mention the Flood, but I informed her I was at Disney so it doesn’t count.
Honorable Mention: there was once an Earthquake; I didn’t feel it, but it happened.


  1. i remember the earthquake... i woke up and thought i was going crazy because my bed was shaking.
    Then i woke up and heard about the earthquake and was like oh i guess that explains that... you were very jealous i felt it lol

  2. that is four more times than classes were canceled whenI was in college.

  3. I didn't feel the earthquake.

    ...but I was one of the Chicago residents semi-freaked out about the tornado .... remember we were in my room and The OC was on ... I asked you to watch the news alert that was on the bottom of the screen while I focused on what was happening on the show.
    And it was Easter that weekend and me being Jew-ish stayed in the dorms, and yeah it was a lot of fun!

    As for Mardi Gras, my favorite holiday .... I was so sick the next day half hungover half I caught the flu or something, that was a great day for classes to be canceled.