Monday, December 21, 2009

Top 5 favorite College moments.

Presented in a PG manor that doesn’t involve nights that involved more alcohol I could handle… (I promise a list for that later.)

1. Freshmen year, hanging out with Slater 2 during finals weeks while having midnight breakfast at Hillcrest.
There is nothing more fun then a bunch of freshmen who would rather spend an hour talking/gossiping about life then studying.

Really… I loved almost about everything we did as a floor my freshmen year.
Honorable mention: first snow fall as a college student, who would have thought that sledding with a garbage can lid would be so much fun.

2. Sophomore year, watching Lost every Wednesday night with Alex.
We also had lots of random nights where we watched Disney movies; she was obsessed with Disney before I ever had a desire to work at Disney.

3. Sophomore Year, Monopoly! There was probably a month were all we did was play monopoly. It always ended the same; Erin getting tricked into losing (Leslie would soon follow), trading pieces for immunity, Mike trying to show off his business degree, and it always ended after about 3 hours.
These were probably my favorite Thursday nights.

4. Junior Year, My college experience can’t be summed up with out mentioning John Edwards. I loved everything about the caucus; meeting the candidates, hearing them speak, spending hours watching CNN … the list could go on and on.
I loved everything about grassroots campaigning.

5. Hawkeye Football. There was always one game every year that is just amazing and can sum up any college experience. My sophomore year it was the Ohio State game; college game day and night games are always awesome.
This year it would have been the Indiana game… or I guess really any home game (well besides Northwestern)


  1. looks like someones stealing someone elses format (lol). good posts though; lists are always interesting to read on the interwebz...

  2. The difference here is that I actually updated my blog…