Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top 5 “average” drinking moments

1. Tuesday nights with A.Hughes at brothers (1st semester senior year). I believe we might have accomplished it all on our traditional Tuesday night; everything from studying at the bar during finals, dancing to some classic boy bands, and convincing complete strangers to buy us drinks.
And honestly there is nothing more exciting then weekday drinking.

2. Saturday nights at Josh and Josh, sophomore year.
We spent countless hours at their apartment; spending our nights playing beer pong and stealing Smirnoff from the fridge.
My friends and I would raid their fridge every weekend and steal whatever we found. It was amazing and turned into a slight tradition where even the people who lived there knew we did it.
Honorable Mention: Really any house party my sophomore year; they always seemed to include beer pong and stealing random shit.
(Now that I’m old I’m going to blame this on the joys of being underage)

3. Fiesta Mexico, 2nd semester senior year. They had 3.99 margaritas, free chips and salsa, and on occasion karaoke... one word "amazing"
(This could very easily be combined with number 1, but I thought it deserved its own point).

4. Glenn Live, Thursday nights at Bojames (senior year) There is nothing more entertaining then watching an average singer play mainstream music at a bar.

5. Politics and alcohol. During my junior year we would occasionally have nontraditional meeting about John Edwards over drinks (but no need to worry it was always bars like The Mill or Old Capital…definitely not Summit or Union)
I may be the only person who believes this, but there is nothing more amazing then drinking and talking about politics.

Side note: after looking through photos of my 4 years of college I have made the executive decision not to post pictures of me drinking on my blog… trust me, you never look as cute as you think you do after a couple of drinks.

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