Friday, December 18, 2009

today is.... blah

over the past two weeks I had a great distraction.... school.
I mean I hated the distraction, but I had it and it was amazing.

yesterday my distraction was over with. (well technically I still have to write a strategic plan for my nonprofit class, but I'm not counting that).

now i'm forced to actively think about a) the rest of my life b) my mom

today, is a bad day.  today, is a crappy day.  today,  may be the worst day yet.
today sucks.

(sorry for the depressing post, i'll post a happy post later to make up for it)


  1. well, if it means anything to you, i'm praying for you....i know those crappy days. i've definitely had those crappy days when the world stops (like the snow day last week.)

  2. :( sitting idle is the worst. I cried earlier today because I was thinking of happy mom would be that you are graduating this weekend, with a life plan or without one. She would be so happy.

    On a more positive note, I think you should teach English in Asia. You can totally do that now. And blog about it. =) Plus then you can delay thinking up your life plan longer.