Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things that made me smile this week....

1. It's a Wonderful Life.
hands down my favorite movie... I love George Bailey

2. Snow Day!
not that I accomplished anything on the "snow day"  but whenever class is canceled it's a good thing.

3. Kinsey Text convo.
apparently Kinsey tells dad everything.  because quote "we don't have any friends besides each other."
Normally this text may make me feel a little sad for Dad (and I guess kinsey)... but the texts that went before and after this were way to funny.
example texts:
"dad said your pretty good looking and smart.... he also claims that he is the above."
"dad says behave bc mom is watching you"
"dad says he didn't go grey until you were born"

4. Free Coffee
possibly the only perk to finals

5. knowing that I never have to go through finals week ever again.
... of course this has also resulted in me being a horrible student this week

6. Steph getting mad at me because I drank water at the bar.

7. Hershey Hugs
even though they cost me full CVS price. I still love them.

8. Real Hugs
like the kind you give real people.

9. Hanukkah
I love Holidays, even if it is a holiday that I don't get to celebrate.

10. Mike Huckabee (and really anything that's on FOX news)
he has a show, it's awesome... in a "mike Huckabee is a crazy evangelical/conservative, and yet moderately funny" kind of way

beginning with a snow cone stand.... and ending with church
yep, Huckabee is crazy :)

(11.) phone calls/gmail messages/twitter/facebook convos with A.Hughes.

1 comment:

  1. woohoo number 11 !!

    ...and i kind of represent number 9 too, so that's awesome.

    you drank water at a bar? when where and why?

    i love george bailey too, he is the ultimate <3