Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things That Have Annoyed Me Today...

1. people who study in groups.  everyone around me is studying in groups of 3+ and I know from 4 years of experience, studying does not happen in groups.
For this main purpose I have taken a big table at the IMU that has two plug ins; one for my computer and one for phone... take that freshmen.  (you have 4 years to "socialize" go back to your dorm.)

2. girls who wear leggings and uggs to be "comfy" but then also decide they need to put on make up and do their hair.

3. Farmville... there is nothing more distracting or annoying when you need a computer and you walk behind someone playing farmville.

4. The Impossible Game  I have wasted at least an hour playing it... and i'll probably waste another 3 hours later.

5. That I have been in college for 4 years and I know how finals work, but I still have waited until the last minute to do any work.  (but I'm secretly hoping that 4 years of college has also taught me how to BS a paper... I'll let you know how that goes)

(I also read blogs like Spina Doodles instead of doing productive work)

6. I realized I totally wasted away my gym membership this month.  bye bye SSS.  (i have been so lazy this month)

7. Google Chrome... I downloaded it bc I was influenced by well i don't really know by what so lets say a blog. and i'm pretty sure it is only meant for "fast" computers.

(seriously, even searching for these images are taking forever)

8. When people you don't like Text you or When you run into someone on the street who you haven't talked to in 4 years and they wanna know "what you are doing after you graduate"

(oh, and the awkward hug you get)

9. the cold weather. I love snow, but there is no reason why it needs to be this cold.

10. I realized today, that tomorrow I'm kind of done with my college career. which means responsibilities and no more weekday drinking.. boo

(11) that I actually took the effort to find pictures for everything on my list... and trust me google images of "wasting away your life" is not what i wanted to do today.

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