Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Drinking Games...

now that i'm an adult i can no longer take part in youthful actions.
You know that actions that involve a 18-19 year old hiding out in their dorm room while they drink Hawkeye Vodka and the fake version of Mountain Dew that Coke makes.  (obviously I haven't actively took part in "pre-gaming" in my room by myself since my dorm years and especially since I have been 21... but it's is just the fact that I nolonger can.... mostly because it is called alcoholism now that I'm 23).

anyway.  my freshmen year my friend Maggie introduced me to this amazing drinking came that only rule was you had to take a drink every time the word "F--k" was said in the movie Boondocks Saints.
... you can imagine how successful this was at getting "the job done" and I can honestly say I have yet to watch Boondocks Saint all the way through (i believe that last scene I remember is the one where the cat gets shoot)

because I'm a recent grad and have nothing else going on in life I came across this website that has a list of 8 movie drinking games.  (none of them are as awesome as the Boondocks Saints drinking game... )
an example:

Million Dollar Baby

Drink once: Everytime you check the back of the box to make sure that this movie about women' sports was directed by the same guy who made Unforgiven.
Drink again: Every time you check the back of the box to make sure this movie won the Best Picture Oscar.
Finish your beer and open another one: When the sadistic fucks who wrote the movie start making your girlfriend cry just because they can.
Keep drinking: After the movie has ended and your girlfriend decides that she wants to "talk about what the movie meant."
Fail to enunciate your words: As you argue that it' best not to dwell on what was clearly one of the most horrific movie-viewing experiences of either of your lives.

1) I understand these games are slightly pointless and the rules seems trivial.
2) I think every movie should/could be made into a drinking game.
3) I also understand I'm just trying to secretly relive my 'youth'
4) there is no way I could actively play any of these games... just the idea of "pre-gaming" before the bar seems ridiculous now that i'm 'old'

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  1. Tito's roommate was convinced to take a shot everytime someone said Forrest in the movie Forrest Gump. He was already pretty drunk, and he was completely gone just after the first few minutes of the movie.