Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Mom

Last night we (Rick, Kassie, Kaci, me, and Kinsey) made a list of 25 things we love about our mom….

25 Things We Love About Mom

1. She wrote each of us diaries about our lives
2. She was always willing to talk on the phone and hear the pointless details of my life. She knew when I pulled into my garage that we would talk tomorrow.
3. She taught me to believe in God.
4. She would send you a handwritten letter that would only say “I love you,” “You are my favorite, but don’t tell your sisters,” or “I love you…the most.”
5. She encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do with my life.

6. She would be passionate about things because she knew it would make me happy.
7. Her stories…she would tell us to just listen and pretend to enjoy it unless we had already heard it five times.
8. She was obsessed with Graham looking like me. She only liked pictures of him that showed the resemblance.
9. She always told us “we were beautiful.”
10. She taught me how to be blunt. She always told it like it was.

11. She was a fighter. She was not willing to give up on living.
12. She was a hopeless romantic, and always told me how much I can be loved and never to put up with less.
13. Her stories were mostly random and disconnected…but always in an interesting way.
14. She loved our dad.
15. She never complained about driving hundreds of miles every week just so I could wrestle with the best.

16. She taught us and truly believed that the bond of sisters is bigger than any joys you encounter, bigger than any lies that are told, and bigger than any hardship.
17. She was crazy. Called her blog a blob, had to have a certain kind of ice, loved Clay Aiken, and always used different colored fonts in her emails.
18. She loved BINGO.
19. She has always allowed us to make our own decisions.
20. Her “love language” was gift giving. She showered us with love through gifts. Random packages from random catalogs, packages of candy for us and our roommates, and a five dollar bill in a letter. She was incredibly generous, with her children and those in need.

21. She would always go to our extracurricular activities, record them on the radio and write down the scores, so we could always remember them.
22. She taught us how to love our family by example; she visited her parents several times a week.
23. She was okay with us sleeping in when we were in high school just as long as we woke up before our dad got off of work.
24. She put a lot of thought into her letters, emails and blogs.
25. There is so much of her in me.

And Kaci originally blogged about this (I just copied it.)

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  1. I just heard about the loss of your mom from my mother LuAnn Grove, your mom and my mom were really good friends so please accept my condolences. I recently lost my dad in July of this year so I know how tough it can be. If you ever want to talk drop me an email @

    Your old classmate, Chris Grove