Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's that time of the year...

over the past month every time I open up my latest issue of Time, I'm reminded that the end of another decade is coming.  I have read about 20 top ten list of various different items (from political, social... well anything "news" worthy).

but while spending my time studying playing around the internet, I came across this list...

40 things that were popular at the beginning of the decade that aren't popular anymore.

here are my favorite:

3. AIM Subprofiles

I imagine this has now been replaced by Twitter or Facebook... but I spent way to much time trying to come up with a clever subprofile.... so much wasted talent.

10. TRL

I envied the my friends who had cable and could watch the latest BSB video before me.... I feel like a whole part of my childhood is missing b/c I didn't get to watch TRL regularly.

 15. Old Navy Fleece

today as i was walking home in the snow I thought "i wish wearing old navy fleece was still cool"... but it's not. boo

18. Rubber Braclets

seriously, they have one for every disease... it got a little insane

25. Chat Rooms

I forgot people use to communicate via chat room... before I read this post.
( I suppose google wave could just be considered a really cool updated chat room)

30. Lindsay Lohan's acting career

I was always on team Lohan... and then she had to become a lesbian drug addict.

39. CD Walkmen

I'm definitely not a music person, put I can not imagine just having one CD or band option when walking to class. (but the walkmen could be the reason I know all the words to every Matchbox 20 and everclear song)


  1. Not only do I own that very Sony walkman which I used all through high school, especially during family roadtrips, but I owned or participated or liked everything on this list. Wow, I'm a trend follower. That's so pathetic...