Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear Random Family Members (aka my Great Aunt)

Dear Great Aunt,

I have recently come across the knowledge that you read my blog, and that other family member may also read my blogs. (And when I say other family members, I mean people other than my sisters... I know it’s shocking)
In reality this shouldn't be a shocker, considering that you told me you read my blog and have included mine (and my sister's blogs) in this years family directory.
A "directory" that I was unaware existed until the beginning of this month.  But now that I am becoming an “adult” I am sure I will need the information that is provided in this directory for my future life… I mean eventually I’ll get married and have children (hopefully in that order) and I’ll need to know where the million family members I have live. (And yes, I understand million may be an understatement)

Anyway. To my point.

I would like to put out a warning to any family members that read this blog, and especially any family member that has the title like “great” (not that “great” means you are old.  I just feel like it is safe to assume that we are in different age groups.)  Really this warning is for anyone who read my blog who doesn’t fall into the “I’m in my 20’s” category.

Here is my warning…

I promise I don’t normally write about drinking/alcohol and the poor discussions I may or may not make while being intoxicated.  If you run across any of these posts, I think it is best to skip over it and pretended I never wrote it.   I think it is utterly important that you always see me as an “innocent child” and there is no reason for you to think I have matured into an amazing adult.  I’m perfectly okay with people who remember me as a baby, not reading about my 1st drinking experience.

hmmm…. That may be my only disclaimer.  But in all honestly I think I have only written a handful of these blogs in the year and a half I’ve been blogging, so it is safe to say you probably won’t run across many. (Let’s just say the previous couple of posts have been flukes… and more importantly have been used as a tactic to help me get the immature “drinking” blogs out of my system before I have to grow up and be an adult)

My final concluding thought: you will run across a lot of blogs about Disney, Movies, my pointless problems, and random list that I like making… I can't make any excuses for those.

Great Aunt, please continue to read my blog.  I promise the majority of my posts are awesome.


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