Monday, December 7, 2009

blah. school.

In less then two weeks I will officially be done with my collegiate career. 
and I honestly was not expecting my last couple of weeks of college like this.
I imagined I would spend my last nights taking advantage of dollar u-call-it and going to my finals hungover.....

but now all I want to do is sleep and I slightly envy the students at the library who can actually focus on their homework.

This week I have (or I suppose I should say, did have) 5 papers due, a presentation, and a test.
and then during finals week I have 2 test and another paper (which I was just told about today in class... I am not happy about it at all).

Today I took my test, which was okay... I'm definitely not expecting the A in the class that I hoped.
Tomorrow I have to hand in a paper and give a presentation (mostly because my professor didn't email me back... seriously, i know you check your email. grrr)
all my other assignments I was told I could in late... which I'm not completely sure how late is "late" but I plan on handing in my two German papers by Thursday or Friday.
and I really should work on my two large papers soon (well like now). but honestly I'm not motivated to write a 15 and 20 page paper about two topics I could care less about.

anyway. I'm super unmotivated.
I could care less about what grades a get (this semester isn't going to change my GPA) and I could less if I have a social life our not.

what I really need is a good distraction. (that doesn't involve school or being allowed to focus on my own thoughts)

on a happier note: I Love snow!

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