Friday, December 11, 2009

Another post about Germany

Lately (for obvious reason... ) I have not been motivated at all.

As I have mentioned earlier my professors have been amazing and have giving me an extension on my papers that were due this week.  but I have been putting off writing my two papers for my German class.
I told my professor that I would probably hand in my paper sometime on Thursday or Friday.  and well today is Friday and I have about 3 sentences written on my paper.

my problem with my one paper (yet another installment of the autobiography, I have complained about multiple times) is that we are suppose to talk about the time frame between 1966-1989.  and of course I missed all the class periods where we talked about East Germany during this time period.
I literally have no idea what life was like during this time period (i thought about renting a video about the Berlin Wall, but I figured it would focus to much on the negative aspect of the wall.... and my character is a communist who likes the wall... grrr).

my second problem is with my other paper... which is basically a book report where we have to discuss how the characters in two books "Comes to terms with the past"
I could very easily write this paper, I understand how Germany came to terms with the post-Nazi era.  But the two books we are suppose to have read (which I have read) both dealt with death and not just like typical (German/war) death, but death where they were "close" to the person who passed away. 
And obviously the only thing I remember about both books is the intense detail they gave about the funerals... and you can imagine how my mind wanders when I try to focus on the details for my paper.

... I'm secretly hoping that I will now be motivated to finish one of the papers... considering that normally after I vent I finish my paper is a speedy manner.

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