Sunday, November 22, 2009

There is nothing wrong with a healthy obsession with WWII

For those of you living in some kind of non-cable world... you may not realize how awesome TV has been this week.

This past week on the History Channel they had a ten part serious about WWII. I literally spent three days where all I did was watch the various episodes. It didn't even matter that by Friday I had seen them all. (and yes, I realize this may make me really lame).

but my obsession with WWII also continued when I watched Valkyrie.

For those of you who don't know the plot; it is basically Tom Cruise and a group of ex-Nazis attempting to kill Hitler.

Honestly, I have a slight hatred for Tom Cruise and had no idea how I would like this movie. .... I even made a slightly horrible joke, where I stated that I might be routing for Hitler in this movie. (steph informed me that it wasn’t funny.)

The movie drove me insane mostly because they made Cruise seem like this noble man who only wanted to kill Hitler because his conscience got to him.

But, in reality Hitler had huge support among the German citizens and plots to kill him didn’t start until the war was almost over, after it was widely known that Germany wasn’t going to win.

I also had the huge problem where they try to make someone who was obviously a strong Nazi supporter (well strong enough to continually get promoted in the army) into a good character. I mean clearly the people who tried to kill Hitler had to be angry with the regime. But I just can’t look past the years this character would have spent supporting Hitler.

If his conscience really got to him, why didn’t he turn to resistance when Jews were being slaughtered in ghettos or even when the building of the extermination camps began?

Anyway. I applaud the individuals who tried to kill Hitler (I believe there were 20 attempts) b/c obviously it would have taken a lot of guts. But I just don’t think you can make a movie showing Cruise as a “good” character just because he wanted to kill Hitler, I mean he was a Nazi and took part in the genocide.

plus.... I can think of a 100 different movies that should be made about WWII that hasn’t been made. And I can guarantee that the majority of them would have a better plot and show individuals who could be considered real heroes.

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  1. tom cruise. what a joke.
    good post =)
    ...& after some thinking i decided i probably would have laughed at your horrible hitler joke.