Monday, November 2, 2009

Iowa Football and Halloween

My week in Photos!

Yeppers. we were that close.  Steph and I got into the game right at 9:30 and were in the second row.
Since we are amazing people we saved spots for Kinsey and her roommates.

Kinsey and me after the game.

Halloween!  thanks Disney for allowing me to re-use the costume I "borrowed" From WDW.
The most exciting part of the whole night was learning how to play  "hot, cross, buns" on my flute recorder.
Oh, and there was one girl who thought the costume was based off of Wizard of Oz.  I thought that would make the Disney Gods happy.


  1. You stayed for the whole game??

  2. yeah. why wouldn't I have stayed the whole game. we didn't start winning until the last quarter.