Thursday, November 19, 2009

If only the South was a drinking game

the south is predictable....

Situation: A slight detour through the mountains of South/North Carolina, where I was driving about 25 mph the whole time (it was super scary) for little over an hour.
during this time we decided it would be "fun" to count how many churches we saw.
the total count (we stopped once we were back in civilization) was 20.
I'm 95% positive that the ratio had to be 5 houses to every one church. 
seriously, we only passed one gas station and I can only remember one convenient store... but I suppose religion is more important then food.

Zac Brown Band
literally every time we turned on the radio they played a Zac Brown Band song... we heard "Toes" at least 20 times

We made the mistake of following a sign for a battlefield that was 18 miles off the interstate (all together a slight 3 hour detour).
but at the Cowpen battle sight we learned a couple of interesting things; this battle was the "southern" turning point of the revolutionary war (I imagine that is why I never learned about it in school), it lasted less then an hour, and most importantly the South is still bitter about the Civil War.

Old Ladies
What we Learned: in the Midwest old men are nice and in the South old ladies are nice.
An old lady in North Carolina welcomed us to the South.  it was cute. but of course by this point we were scared of the South. and all we wanted to do was get to the north.

more specifically chicken and BBQ.   They also love sides, every place we ate we had to choose 3 sides. it was crazy.  
side note: it was harder to find potatoes then you would think.... instead everyplace had hush-puppies.

Big Hair, Perfect skin, etc.
This has a lot more to do with allison, steph, and me being a little bitter.  We are far from perfect and it appears that every southern lady (young or old) we ran into was "perfect."

Peaches and Strawberries
they love making things about of peaches and strawberries...
like: peach cider (trust me, it wasn't very good) and homemade ice cream.  my dad probably would like the south.

Ice Tea
I already know this... but it was very predictable.   

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