Friday, November 6, 2009

I might be crazy... WDWCP

my life plan for the past 6 months has revolved around me moving home at the end of this semester and taking over the role of taking care of my mom.  Which I have been okay with and have accepted as a roadblock in my post-college life goals.   ( I could make a pro/con list about moving home but that seems slightly pointless)

Kassie, my mom, and my dad all seem to think I could do another college program. Technically, they wanted me to do a Professional internship, but the applications dates have already passed.
Now that the idea is in my head I have spent an hour googling "Walt Disney World College Program."  which is a complete waste of time because I already know all about the program.

but regardless I have come up with a Pro/Con list of doing another program.

- I mostly loved my first program
- I would be closer to Kassie and Graham
- I would only do it if I got a better role (no more merchandise) and they have photopass as a role now, which would be awesome
- I would avoid all those stupid mistakes I made the first time (ie staying out all night before traditions)
- I would have a car. which would mean I could actually get the full CP experience.
- I would avoid winter in Iowa
- this would be a job, sure only an internship, but still better then what I would get in Iowa
- Quest: I could finally see/ride every attractions (the hall of presidents went under reconstruction before I could go throw it)
- Disney does look great on a resume. well i was told it did, I haven't actually figured this one out for my self.
- I'm already a Disney freak
- there are a lot of perks and discounts for cast members

- the costumes
-I would be farther away from my mom and (since I know how Disney works) if anything would happen I would probably have to end my program, since getting a week + off of work without receiving any points is almost impossible.  and once you have so many points it is harder to get a professional internship.
- My friends would probably judge me. (well minus my iowa friends who would want to visit me)
- and I would be one of those people I judged for doing a second college program
- money: I really don't know if I could handle working 40+ hours a week while getting paid less then minimum wage (I mean eventually I'm going to have to pay off my college loans)
- I do love snow
- when my program is over it would be that much harder to get a real person job
- I loved the program because of the people, different program means different people.
- I'm already a Disney freak
- twin bed and a roommate
- I would be close to 24 when my program ended, is this really the last "youthful" thing I want to do with my life.

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