Monday, November 30, 2009

I love Santa (and so will Graham)

Kassie's recent blog post was just a little ridiculous. she stated...
 "What he doesn't know is his parents already decided Santa isn't coming this year."
I'm a firm believer that Santa could possibly exist and that maybe, just maybe, he doesn't come out because people don't believe in him (you know.. the whole, we don't have enough "Holiday Cheer" thing)

I would be okay with Kassie and John saying that they aren't buying Graham any Christmas presents from Santa, because
1)  they want to see if Santa really exists.  but in order for this to work they really have to believe that Santa exists (and honestly John is to much of a republican and Kassie is to much of a conformist for this to ever work)
2) they really believe in Santa, but they want to make sure Santa gives all of his "good" presents to the really needy children of the world.

Kassie (and John) are ruining Grahams future childhood dreams by not embracing this whole Santa thing.  I could honestly care less if they don't take him to church, or if he believes St. Patricks Day is a real holiday, that gigantic bunnies can delivery candy, and dressing up for Halloween could just bring embarrassing pictures he wouldn't want to see when he is older (I mean I love Halloween but I think it is socially acceptable if Graham doesn't)
Graham has been to Walt Disney World more times in his first 6 months then most adults will go in their lifetime.... so I think it is safe to say that Graham can believe in a little extra "magic"

conclusion: My new goal in life is to corrupt Graham into believing that Santa Clause is real (well at least until he is 8... or whatever the normal age when you stop believing in Santa)

oh.  I love Christmas (i think it is okay to still love Christmas even though I want to be Jewish, because honestly this holiday is more commercial then valentines day.) so, expect at least 5 more post about Santa, Christmas, Snow, and Presents.

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