Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did I really just sit through a class for 2 hours where we talked about the importance of social networks....

I'm in a class entitled "Non Profit Organization effectiveness" (The title of this class basically gives away what the class is about.) Today we had two guest speakers who talked about the importance of technology in out Non Profit.

This class in theory seemed like it would provide us with important information, or maybe at least teach us how to start up a web page.

The first speaker appeared to be old enough to be my grandpa (or at least Kaci's Caribou man). 
he stands up and starts his PowerPoint and on slide 3 (communicating by email and instant message)  I realize this class is going to be a complete waste.
by slide 9 (Tips for creating a Myspace page) I have already text Allison and Steph
and by the last slide (how to use Myspace to raise awareness) I had already updated my twitter

This guy spent an hour giving us tips on how to use Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.  but not even helpful tips, like how to write an amazing thought in 140 characters.
but how to make things available to your "friends" like your website, information, and your "wall"

his lecture may have been helpful if you have been living in a 3rd world country for the past 10 years or if you were born before 1970.

the second guy promised to talk about website design. which you would think would mean how to set up a website.
but, in reality this hour was spent talking about his personal pet peeves that websites have and going through and giving us tips on how to make websites better
tips like: including your mission statement, contact information, site map, including important information "above the fold," etc...
information anyone who has ever wasted tried looking up any time on the internet would know.

he also ended the class by talking about FB, twitter, and youtube.

Side note: both guest speakers also had problems running their PowerPoints.... that is by far my biggest pet peeve.  PowerPoint is simple; you click the button to go to the next slide, if you can't figure that out don't use it.

in conclusion:  people over the age of 35 shouldn't teach a class about technology, especially to a class of college students who have written all their collegiate papers on a computer (apparently the computer and Microsoft Word hasn't always been around... who would have thought)

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