Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Two: South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky

The Battlefield that was 18 miles out of our way...

Yep, we wasted 2 hours for this... an empty field. 

we stopped at a cute little store that had ice cream.  we stopped and got the biggest ice cream cones ever... it was amazing.
(and oh yeah, then I had to call AAA bc my car wouldn't go out of park. but it is okay it only wasted another hour and we realized I was just an idiot.)

North Carolina... when I still liked NC and didn't realize that mountains were scary

we took a detour because fallin rock closed the interstate we were on.  We drove through lots of little towns... all of them had a church and this may have been the only one with a "grocery" store. 
needless to say... Luck NC was one of the best towns we drove for.  The South is scary.

it was pretty... but still scary. 

the first KFC!

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