Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Three: Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa

The Kentucky Derby.

Happy Birthday plaque... it was random.

World's Largest Bat (if you can't tell Allison is a vampire)

World's Largest Baseball Bat
(an old lady was very entertained by us.... mostly bc we are awesome)

Derek Jeter's baseball bat.. Steph freaked out. 

on day three we found our driving hats.
we love Kentucky!
either b/c 1) there was so many great Photo opportunities
2) we saw a building for the Democratic party or
3) we saw a Jewish Hospital

We took a short detour and got to see one of my Disney Friends.
Grace is awesome and I miss her like crazy.



  1. great roadtrip photo documentary ksloss

  2. love the pictures! It was so nice to see you! Thanks for taking the detour!!! I miss you bunches!!