Monday, November 23, 2009

Adventurland... the movie, not the place (but I wish this was a post about the place)

I'm spending my break in perry... I know it's real exciting
and in a typical manor after about a 20  minute convo with my dad about "typical dad stuff"  I was bored.
and in typical manor I decided the only thing I could do to pass my boredom was to rent a movie.

So i headed to the local Redbox, because honestly I'm to cheap to rent a movie at a real movie place.
after looking through the 30 or so options I decided to go with "Adventurland" I figured I could some how relate to a movie about a theme park.

and after about 5 mins, I realized this movie was basically my life with a better plot, drugs, a job, and a summer love.

how it compared to my life:
- the main character just graduated from college and had to move home with his parents.
- he applied to various places but realized his degree in literature wouldn't get him a real job
- he started working at a theme park
- his parents would constantly say things like "why don't you hang out with your high school friends"

um, that might be it.... and honestly this guys life was way more exciting then my life.

Conclusion: If the point of "Adventurland" was depress me. It worked.  
Now all I want to do is move to some big city, move into a tiny apartment, and work at some crazy liberal organization that pays me minimal wage... (I know I have intense life dreams) ...  
side note: the plot had nothing to do with working with a liberal organization, it did end with the character moving to New York... but in reality this was  me just going off on a random thought.


  1. But if I suggested that you apply at adventurland I would never hear the end of it.

    i updated my blog layout forever ago. Reason #529 that google reader sucks, you should have noticed before.

  2. was adventureland good though?
    i remmeber wanting to see it.

    you can move to a big city with me?!