Monday, November 30, 2009

10 realizations about life

1. it's okay to talk to yourself when you're old... people expect it and no one reacts to it
2. I love my family, but sometimes they can be slightly annoying.  
3. Kinsey is okay with me believing that our family is slightly annoying because quote "right now, I love that everyone is being mean to you." ( i tried to reassure her that we will pick on her again, someday...)
4. everyone... I mean everyone will try to give you life advice.  even if the person didn't get a real job until he was at least 28.
5. When your cousins want you to play football, they only include you to make their teams even.  trust me they will not pass you the ball.
6. The public library is the "cool" place for middle schoolers to hang out.
7. dial up stinks... it is literally impossible to  gchat, fbchat, or even open google wave.
8. it takes 3 months for dust to become visible on items in our house.
9.  "old people" gossip more then young people
10. i love shopping the day after thanksgiving.  I love that I had no real intentions on buying anything but still  came back with lots of stuff.  I love that someday I want to be one of those crazies waiting in line for a TV.

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