Wednesday, October 28, 2009

thoughts of the day

1.  I wish more people would blow bubbles when they chew bubble gum.  I hate that people chew gum for practical reason.. it is called bubble gum for a reason

2. leggings should always be worn under something.  they are not pants.

3. there is no reason everyone shouldn't own a cardigan.

4. you can only listen to Pandora for 40 hours a month, apparently everyone but me knew this.  I freaked out for 5 minutes before Kaci informed me that I could just use another email address... I love how it is so easy to outsmart internet companies. but I do feel slightly bad for that group of individuals who pay the 30 dollars a month to listen to Pandora.

5. I wonder if there is a proper way to write a header on papers in the real world.  Ever since middle school I have been told you label a paper like this...
October 28, 2009
Class Name
It just seems like I have been wasting my time for the past 10 years.
but more importantly, do you ever have to write a paper in the real world.  my schooling has taught me so many wasted talents.

6. Why do people rake leaves. I'm pretty sure it isn't a law (but I could be wrong.) and raking seems like a lot of work for something you don't have to do.
The only logically reason I can come up with is that people put their leaves in nice little piles to make some 23 year old really happy about being able to walk through it.


  1. i'm gonna blow a bubble just for you!

  2. I agree with you on the leggings! They are practically see-thru for people to wear them alone.... GROSS!!!

  3. I blow bubbles and I am pretty much awesome. I mostly quit gum though because blowing bubbles in a professional environment, well isn't professional. So now I suck on mints.

  4. aha I LOVE this posting!

    As for the leggings, I must confess that I wear them as pants (with a long shirt? does that make it ok?), but try not to in public... it's just so difficult to resist their comfort!!

    I also tried to outsmart pandora, but did not succeed. :( It just kept bringing me back to the "sorry" screen when I tried to re-register! Alas, I came to the conclusion that I needed to stop being a cheapskate because I only ended up paying a dollar I believe!??!