Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sister Bonding with Miley

This past weekend my sisters and I went to the Miley Cyrus concert in Des Moines.
there are many things about this blog post that I'm already regretting.  I mean do I really want to admit that I had an amazing time or even that I bought  shirt with Miley's face on it for $35.
but honestly I don't care (go ahead and judge) anyone that has read my blog or knows anything about me, knows that sometimes I like to act like a tween and enjoy the simple things in life. 

To begin off...
the concert was amazing for the following reasons
1) family bonding.  there is something amazing about having four sisters in their 20's bond over pointless things like... all four sisters having their first drink together (way to take forever Kaci... aren't you like 25).
2) To go with point 1.  We were able to dance and act like complete fools, even though we were not the targeted audience.
3) We knew all the songs and sang along to all of them at the top of our lungs.  (well every song besides 7 things... I forgot to put it on the CD I made everyone.  but it was okay b/c kisney and I knew the lyrics)
3) Miley had some cool little stunts. like flying on top of the crowd on a motorcycle.   (I imagine it would have been really cool if we were closer)
4) they had a thing you could txt to get your message to appear on the big screen.  Kaci and Kassie both got their messages up.
5) I just love Disney
6) it was mostly amazing because it was Miley!!!

The concert was hilarious for the following reasons
1) the average age was 8
2) metro station opened up for Miley.  and if you have listened to any of their lyrics you can figure out why this was so hilarious.
3) the only other people dancing and singing in our section was another group of 4 teenager girls standing in front of us.
4) we got yelled at by the high school girls sitting behind us, who were too cool to stand up at the Miley concert.
5) I'm pretty sure Miley didn't wear pants at all.... which is only funny bc of point 1
6) they had messages from Miley saying things like "Omaha was louder"  even though Omaha was canceled... it was pretty hilarious.
6) I bought a shirt for $35 that had Miley's face on it.  and even thought my sisters made me buy it, they all immediately judged me after I handed the guy my credit card.

This may have been the only song the girls behind us danced to... I hope they didn't pay for the tickets (I love that Youtube can make my point known...)

Conclusion: if you can look past that the fact that she is slightly tone death, there is constantly little girls screaming, her clothes are slightly risque, and that Hannah Montana doesn't appear at the concert... I would go.
(but then again I would totally go again even if the above was 10X worse, so I may not be the best person to ask)

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