Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sick... yuck

I'm pretty sure I'm sick.
Well, according to webster.com I am sick because I am experiencing "ill health."  but I don't really think I'm the "going to die in three days" kind of sick, just the kind where you think "blah, this sucks"

in typical Kelsey fashion I decide to self diagnose my self.

With the help of  Webmd here are the top 10 things that could be wrong with me...

1. Bronchitis plausible
2. Common Cold  highly possible
3. Viral Pharyngitis  maybe
4. Asthma  probably not
5. Laryngitis   maybe
6. Tuberculosis  highly doubtful
7. Acute Sinusitis  noway
8. Pneumonia  I'm definitely not this sick
9. Pleurisy  never even heard of this one
10. Muscle Strain  haven't figured how this made it on the list.

they also told me the number one way to prevent getting the common cold was by having "good hygiene"
(i took that as a personal insult)

conclusion:  I think it is funny when people assume they are dying when they get the slightest sign of a cold.  people make me laugh.
I was also a little sad that it didn't tell me I had H1N1... now that would have be awesome.  but that is highly implausible, I mean I have never gotten the "real" flu.
if anything I think it would be cool to tell people that you got H1N1....and plus think of the clever twitter status you could put up.

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  1. since you would have been contagious for a few days before H1N1, I'm happy you don't have it.