Monday, October 5, 2009

An Outline for The Week

Monday:  finish my homework for the week.  well really only the homework I have to hand in for a grade... i.e. my nonprofit mission statement and the media diaries I was suppose to work on all semester

Tuesday: go to class, probably take a nap, finish the homework that I decided I didn't want to do on monday, go to class, and then be reunited with Allison.
Which means we will probably hit up our normal Tuesday night spot.  i.e. Brothers for dollar you call it.  (I really wish Fiesta Mexico was still open)

Wednesday: recover, finish my homework that I decided I didn't want to do on Tuesday, go to class, and hang out with Allison again.  Which I imagine will leave to some poor life decisions that go beyond spending my wednesday night drinking.

Thursday: go to class (well maybe I'll go to class, this really just depends on how Wednesday night ends) and then I'll spend the next couple hours getting really excited to see Mike and Leslie.  And once the 820 (+ Mike) is reunited we will probably begin the night in typical 820 fashion; going to BoJames and listen to Glenn Live and then head wherever the "alums" want to go.

Friday: wake up (hopefully with no headache) and head to Des Moines for some intense family bonding with Kassie, Kinsey, and Kaci. 
The night will consist of taking lots of photos and more importantly rocking out at the Miley concert!!! **

Saturday: wake up ealry-ish (well this time really just depends on when Kinsey tell me we are leaving) and head back to Iowa City.  I'll spend the morning/afternoon drinking with my some of my favorite Hawkeye alum and then I'll probably head downtown to drink some more.  (selling my ticket will fund my drinking habits for the week and honestly I like drinking more then football)

Sunday: recover

Conclusion: I'm beyond excited!!!

**correction: I also get to see Graham, which at least 10X more exciting then anything listed on this list.  (I figured if I mentioned it, I would make Allison, Mike, Allison, My Mom, Kinsey, Kaci, and Kassie really jealous... so to make sure I didn't hurt anyone feelings I excluded him, but for my justification I was going to write an amazing blog about how awesome Graham is.)


  1. I am disappointed Graham didn't get a mention. I thought you were more excited to see him than me?

  2. I like how many times my name is mentioned in this post.