Sunday, October 4, 2009

My week in 10 points

1. I have recently fallen in love with the Matchbox Twenty pandora station.

2. I have also fallen in love with Hulu.  I know I'm about 6 months late on this trend, but this is the first time in a long time that I have steady access to fast internet.

3. I have discovered the children movie section at the library.  I seriously spent 20 minutes looking at the movies.  They had everything from School House Rock to Cinderella. (of course I didn't rent any, bc i just rented 3 movies on the AFI list and I like to think I have priorities.)

4.I spent all Tuesday night writing a fake autobiography for my German class. Originally I wanted to have my character be as a member of the SPD, but at about midnight I decided that a communist lawyer would be more interesting.   Of course being the procrastinator I am, I only had one chance to read through it before I handed it in (and the majority of that time was used to fix major plot holes.)  the paper ended up being 6 pages, instead of the 3 I was assigned. I'm hoping that my professor will just give me an A (really I would be okay with anything above a C) instead of reading it.... but I doubt that will happen .

5. I watched Rocky: and couldn't really understand why it was so popular. (or why there is like 6 of them).  I ended the movie with the philosophy that what happened to Rocky would never happen in real life.
But I do I have this new life long quest to reenact all the "classic" movie scenes.  ie. running up the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs.

6.I also watched part of Ben-Hur: but got bored half way through.... I'll have to rent it again, which I'm really not looking forward too.

7.  I did absolutely nothing today, besides watch Rocky and eat Pita Pit.
I love Pita Pit and I really wish more of my friends like it, I'm pretty sure my pre-Disney friends liked it.  but my post-Disney friends never want to go with me (and it's weird b/c I have the same friends).
oh, I also really wish Pita Pit had a punch card... I'm a sucker for punch cards.

8.  Which reminds me... I only have one more punch at Panchero before I get a free burrito.

9.  Steph and I played pool on Monday at TCB.  It was free and we were slightly tipsy so we decided it would be a good idea.  it wasn't.  Steph won both games (I'm convinced she cheated) and I knocked the ball of the table at least 3 times.

10. I have realized a few things about the miley concert set list mix I made.
- even though my computer tells me the mix is 56 mins long, I feel like I can go through the whole mix when I'm working out.  (it also takes me more time to read Newsweek then it takes me to listen to it, and I can read through Newsweek pretty quickly)
- there are a few songs I love: party in the usa, breakout, simple song
a few songs I'm starting to love: Bottom of the Ocean
a few songs I hate (or maybe just dislike): obsessed, Wake up America
but my feelings are indifferent for rest of the songs
- the song "When I look at You" doesn't play on my computer which means it probably won't play on the cd's I made for my sisters.  (sorry)
- Miley isn't really a great singer, but I'm still really excited for her concert on Friday

** I realize that these don't go in chronological order, but I'm to lazy to change it.

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