Friday, October 2, 2009

The Looks, The Brains, and The Wild Card

Allison just sent Steph and I a text asking "Ladies the perfect group combo is the brains, the looks, and the wild card. according to it's always sunny in Philly... which one of us in which category"

because we all live exciting lives the next ten minutes was devoted to figuring this out.  

originally, we all wanted to be "the looks" and then after some decision we all thought "the wild card" would be the best category.  (for some reason "the brains" wasn't really brought up... that probably says something about our society, but whatev)

after a heated debate, we decided that the obvious choices would be...
Steph was The Brains, b/c she is a biology major and is actually spending her Thursday night studying
Allison was The Looks, b/c everyone is in love with her
and I was The Wild Card, b/c i'm awesome.

Of course I ruined this decision by actually watching the clip

here is the clip.

(obviously) the grouping needed to be changed and after a five minute convo with Allison, we decided...
Steph was now The Looks, b/c quote "she is always just there" (and honestly who would really consider Steph the brain)
Allison was now The Wild Card, b/c she always comes up with ridiculous plans for the night. 
and I was the brains, b/c I'm the one who always find the need to talk about politics (plus I'm the decision maker)

... I know you all secretly wish your friends were as awesome as mine.

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  1. THAT is the best show EVER. My sister and I have even deciphered which three guys that we know are the three guys from the show. it's hilarious. I might have a little bit of Dee in me...not gonna lie.